Month: March 2014

What is the Disconnect Healing Space?

Maurice is a Melbourne based male massage therapist with a strong interest in the healing and energetics field, which started with massage and developed quickly with incorporating energy healing work such as Reiki and Kinergetics to add an extra element in working with the body and also being able to hone in a lot faster on areas to work on or what may be the underlying cause for stress in the body.
With qualifications in Massage Therapy, Reiki USUI, Kinergetics, First Aid for Emotional Trauma, RESET of the TMJ and Reflexology, Maurice continues to explore and develop his practice and the tools he feels drawn to intuitively use with his clients.

In 2014 he began creating dreamcatchers as commissioned works which are tailored specifically for the person he creates them for, feeling into his clients energy, designing a layout and selecting elements to be used to create the medicine wheel and then providing a reading as feedback for the client.

He also has developed his own line of lunar essences mixing flora, crystals and essential oils for healing in his own practice as well as for purchase. Each full moon provides different energies, as well as the plants he is guided to make essence from, for unique healing and energetic assistance to the physical, emotional, mental and light bodies. He then tunes into each essence after its creation to receive the description of what it is to be used for. As well as incorporating the use of these essences in sessions with clients.


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