Month: August 2014

Reading for Week of 31 August to 6 September 2014

KEYWORDS: Mirrors, Temperance, Feeling Solid Ground

 9 cups the empress8 cups

9 Cups, The Empress, 8 Cups

Pride hinders those who operate at a level of competitiveness and coveting the gains of others. Often it’s just a form that hides insecurity. A facade of being in control when we feel out of sorts or not so sure of our footing. At some point we are bound to work through our vanity as a stage in our evolution. Whether we see it in others or ourselves or we see it in others as a reflection of ourselves. It is the stubborn weakness of lack of self assurance that keeps people sitting on their mounds with no intention of moving for anyone and with no desire to go out of their way for others , lest they lose their position. Don’t feel threatened by this, as again that is buying into the inflexibility of others as blockage in your own life, as it’s really only an expression of theirs. “They” may be looking at you smugly like they’ve got your goat. But it’s the same tug of war you could experience with a 3 year old. Would you get upset with a 3 year old’s antics? Who really has the power? Do grown folk have the ability to control your life – if you buy into the idea that they do? No one can ever really block you from unlocking aspects of yourself, they may only be able to use material world items as leverage. But this is not true power. Nor is it everlasting. It is a temporary, transitory semblance of power.


Mid week provides a well needed return to temperance. A break from outer affliction and a clearing of this residue. It’s a time to tune out and tune in. Clear the chatter or the echoes of it from others and take some meditative down time if you need it, whether it’s a hobby or a creative expression outlet. Solo activity is advisable. But if you are around others, find a way to give yourself permission to operate independently while each of you go about your business. Check if you feel you need to clear your head, and if so, maybe tone down the social activity for a while, whatever feels right to you. But you’ll recognize if you feel the stronger urge for solitude calling, especially if you haven’t lately been heeding that call. A little contemplative laziness never killed anyone.


Bide your time. And your time only. Delve deeper into the inner realms. End of the week signals deeper emotional release. Throw out what you don’t need . Some of you may have felt that your footing hasn’t been firmly planted for quite some time and you may feel like you are sliding backwards. This may feel like an oblivion because you are waiting for the clarity of life to present itself without the fog obscuring your path. Until that time comes, ground yourself deeper, even if it feels like you are in swamp land and the waters are rising up as you are trying to feel solid ground. It is the cup of your emotion. It’s important in these moments to hold onto what you believe in as an act of faith and as a reminder of who you are. That keeps your equilibrium and your intrinsic knowing of your bearing as you may not be able to measure it as progress in the outside world. And yet you are still here.


Reading for week of 24 August to 30 August 2014

KEYWORDS: Openness, Clear Communication, Rise Above It

7 swords ace swords chariot
7 swords, Ace of swords, The chariot

Don’t be deceived by false appearances. Trust your instincts if you feel people around you aren’t giving you honesty. There is a “start/stop” feeling in the energy of the start of the week, where something may present itself and look opportune but may actually be a dead end. Don’t settle for less. Especially for those of you who are gullible or susceptible to contriving influences. Don’t let others take the credit if it belongs to you. In this sense the week picks up where we left off with the end of last week’s message of not letting others take the credit, even though they may still be trying to “sneak it in” or “sneak away with things.” If you need to call them out, do so. This will strengthen your confidence. Especially if you are the one with the good ideas or the brain child. Don’t let others take all the good bits and leave you with the crumbs. You can put a stop to this with directness.

A lot of “air” energy for the week so a good time to champion ideas and take ownership of projects. Again it’s about knowing who owns it. If it comes from you be assured in stepping up to take the ownership or assume leadership this week. Others around you may have been waiting for you to set the example without the conscious awareness. Don’t be afraid to surprise them with your new exploit or talent. Remember when we give ourselves permission to be who we are, we silently allow others to do the same. Brush off the criticism or fear of it, as it’s pettiness that keeps people whinging about others when they are not doing it for themselves. Trust yourself if you are doing it for the right reasons and your actions are coming from a place of self empowerment as ultimately that ends up being for the higher good of all. Release the competitiveness.

If you’ve been working on certain projects silently for a while, well it’s time to launch. Again the theme of the week is about being unabashedly open and confident. So ask for the promotion or the opportunity and don’t be afraid to contend why, to prove your point and to present your case. You’ll know if it’s truly for you as it won’t be coming from a place of disempowering someone else, it’ll make sense as the next progressive step for you.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”
– Edward Bulwer-Lytton

You’ll get further this week with preparation, logic and a strong understanding of the reasons for your actions and this will avoid conflict and debates with others where they may try to drag you back into contention with them. You can avoid all that if you keep it simple and even written down, if that’s what you need to have your case in point handy.

When faced with conflict it’s a good idea to remember that willpower over another’s point of view or expression is never fully advantageous to either side. Forget about “pushing back”. If things can’t be resolved peacefully or in orderly fashion this week, then it’s best to state your intention and just keep going.

The end of the week signals catharsis. This is a time of purging and healing to move forward and for some it may feel uncomfortable as stress will be wreaking havoc in the subconscious , through the dream state, and start to form and manifest as things falling apart in the material world. There is time for this. There is time for “breakdowns” and there is time for action. Again we are being shown not to buy into the duality of these states of awareness. That we can still dream of a better world when our present one is crumbling (or feels like it’s crumbling) . Save your energy/ strength. I’m sensing the metaphor of a house on fire and the desperate rush to save as many objects as possible before it disintegrates. Only take what you need and be frugal.



“We are like day and night, night and day.
We are both so different in so many ways.”
– Night & Day, Bette Midler

Cheesy, I know. Sorry I really didn’t want to quote Bette Midler in this reading (it’s important that people think I’m cool) but those lyrics kept coming to me, and I couldn’t continue until I referenced them 🙂


All the conflicts that we experience with people are providing us the opportunity to not have to buy into the identification of our differences, but to resonate from a state of non opposition . You may be stating something from a position that others may choose to regard as a threat or a conflict, but they have a choice in doing that or seeing you in that regard. You can always come back to the point in the middle, where you are not connecting with the energy of being “for” or “against”, but instead, simply “of”


A friend of mine shared with me this explanation of duality in a conversation in the symbology of a triangle. The 2 bottom corners may represent the 2 “opposing” view points but the future is the point at the top where they meet and integrate. Sometimes it may feel like that’s not possible from where you think others currently stand, yet your influence is felt and interpreted when you don’t go into combat. There could be a time in the close future when these issues may resolve and yet if it’s not happening now, then it’s not about buying into the sense of no resolve. Your chariot awaits and you have the choice to move forward as things fall apart or peoples’ feelings are hurt (and they choose to stay hurt).

Reading for week of 17 August to 23 August

Wheel of fortune
10 pentacles
The fool

The start of the week:

Certain losses need to be left alone. There is no use picking at the scab. If the deal is done the deal is done. It’s better to leave it alone now than try to resurrect things that are finished. This goes especially for any interchanges with people that have been fruitless or anything you’ve been holding onto with folks in the hopes of rectifying a situation. It’s like the universe has given you you’re answer. Are you listening to it!? If it didn’t work out with that person drop it and let it go. The wheel of fate is turning with or without you fully on board. The challenges come when we are stubborn and not listening to the message that we don’t want to hear. If you’ve gotten your answer and you’re still trying to force action against someone else’s will, ask yourself why is it so important for you to manipulate the situation?

Temperance – check your addictions right now: shopping, alcohol, computers, chocolate, blood, sugar, sex, magic. Are you chucking out the self restraint? Refocus. Ground again (as if you hadn’t been forced to continuously the first half of this year) as the wheel turns don’t get dizzy and fall off your centre. Take your time with it. Breathe this is again a required purging and drink water if you are getting headaches from any clearing on the mental body, as well as try to check your diet as your solar plexus is in flux. New ideas are assembling very fast and it’s up to you to hold the ground right now . Some of you may be purging energetically from the solar plexus: unworthiness, lack of power, these old emotions / memories are being cleared from the mental body as well, as this ties in with belief system . Drink water boo. Ground any anxiety that is being churned up as a result of this.

Mid week. The heaviness of this feels like it will start to resolve by mid week , prob thurs at the latest. Money will be picking up, if there had been a slump in activity either in business or productivity there will be new opportunity and endeavour. A good time as well to connect with folks you haven’t sent a shout out to in a minute as well as random people dropping into your sphere that may not have been in your consciousness for a long time. There will be news from them and you’ll get the sense that a lot has transformed in their world since you last spoke.

If anyone is moving house and dealing with property stuff and needs to make a decision or take action wait til mid week. You’ll be in a much more rational place as well you’ll probably find more receptivity to your ventures and ease around setting things up. Then If you are given an offer at this time and you get a good feeling, don’t hold back on moving forward. It will be ripe for the taking.

The other energies I’m feeling for this mid week time are equanimity which means good mental and emotional stability (which will be a welcome relief from the previous week). Those of you with a lot of pressure or responsibility riding on your shoulders will be at a place where you feel like you are juggling better than you had been. Almost like “yes I can ride the unicycle on the tight rope and juggle the swords blindfolded”. There will be renewed confidence to smash your goals so to speak ( winning ) Organising family life (for the parents) will feel like a breeze even with all the buzzing around you, as well as a time of good determined communication with the folks you work with.

The end of the week.

“Eliza: What a fool I was, what a dominated fool
To think that you were the Earth and sky
What a fool I was, what an addlepated fool
What a mutton-headed dote was I”

My Fair Lady – Without You

The headaches of the start of the week and shifts in your solar plexus will lead to a stronger sense of self confidence and certain pennies will drop in terms of the realization of whom you have been needy on or waiting for approval from as you realized from mid week you were more than capable of running things and how elated you felt to feel like you were in control and completely self reliant.

“Eliza: There’ll be spring every year without you
England still will be here without you
There’ll be fruit on the tree
And a shore by the sea
There’ll be crumpets and tea without you”

Once you’ve made this realization don’t let the old folks come in and try to take the ownership. Remember how Henry Higgins was like “yo Eliza that’s fantastic I’ve made you this strong person” but then she was like “deuces” and walked. She didn’t need to do the duality dance with her “master” anymore. There was nothing left for her to give him credit for and she realized she could learn it for herself without the authority coming in and claiming “oh yo I taught you that”. End of the week is this energy. Student defeats the master, teaches the master, shows them they’ve graduated and doesn’t need to apprentice themselves anymore. No need for pissed off ness or tantrum or over explanation. It’s just that sense of yo we’re not doing this dance anymore , nor am I willing to give you any false entitlement of what’s always been mine. Own it and walk on.