Month: September 2014

Reading for week of 28 September to 4 October 2014

KEYWORDS: Individualism, Self Love

high priestess3 rods  page of cups

The High Priestess, 3 Rods, Page of Cups


“Wisdom is better than silver and gold
I was hopeless now I’m on hope road”
– Lost Ones , Lauryn Hill

Surrender and appreciate what you have surrendered. Appreciate your willingness to surrender and recognize the strength and self love it takes to let go of the things that no longer serve you. You will gain a lot more in the long run by just having the willingness to let go now and surrender on a deeper level than you were willing to in the past.

Strength. Strength to move beyond the dashed dreams, hopes or fears that kept you clinging to those patterns that weren’t working and were keeping you blocked without you even realizing how much they were blocking you. Your heart may have had to overcome a heavy burden , but as you “pour out your soul within you” you will be freed to love and move forward with the confidence of knowing that you have the strength to love yourself more than the desperate attachment to the forms you feared losing. Wisdom comes with this knowing. Patience comes with this knowing. Fearlessness comes with this KNOWING. You now KNOW so you can’t go back to sleep. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This is a return to purity , the innocence of not being corrupted by the control of our fears over us. We are seeing this theme being played out more and more on the world stage. The macro reflects the micro. Are you willing to let go of the fear? Are you held back by the illusion that you can’t go without or are you able to accept that these attachments to outdated modes of thought and belief systems have past their ‘use by dates’. If you choose the fear, then the universe plays out this cycle and storyline beyond exhaustion to the point of ridiculousness in order for you to WAKE UP! You’re not learning from fear any longer. You have no cause in ignorance, no growth in avoidance and no fulfillment in your old conditioning. If you continue to choose it , then the old cycle becomes ridiculously uncomfortable. Ridiculous to the point where your perceived ‘victimhood” turns life into a parody of the potentiality of what this experience can offer. The message is going to be driven home now. Get it, receive it and allow it, else you’re asking it to keep slapping you in the face. It’s like the universe is saying “look we can do this the easy way or the hard way, it’s your choice, but we can do this all day”. (You guys have seen Groundhog Day right?)


“Somewhere on some planet, sometime and somehow
Your life will reflect your thoughts of your now
My law is unerring, no blood can atone
The vehicle you built you shall live in alone ”
– My Law, Tieme Ranapiri


And it’s ok to leave the group, or leave the tribe in order to ground and digest what this means for you. Growth doesn’t happen at the same rate for everybody. There are certain gifts shared and exchanged in a group learning setting, but there are certain learnings that require individualism and an individualistic approach to what is calling you. Can’t always bring the homes with you. It’s not always required for them to “get it” . It’s cool if they don’t and it’s even cooler if you can allow yourself to pursue it even if they don’t “come with you” and you feel solo in this pursuit . Advance anyway. You can reconvene and come back to the group with the allowance of the multiple integrated aspects of yourself; those you can compare and exchange with the group and those that are yours to hold quietly, only known to you.
Mid week provides this energy of “individual calling” and recognition of it as such.

Self love yo. That’s really how I’d sum it up. It’s the product of knowing your worth. Knowing your contribution in this world. Knowing that yes perhaps it’s individual, perhaps it’s quirky, perhaps you’re feeling that at the moment it’s going unrecognised , but perhaps it’s also VERY needed, VERY necessary and VERY of the moment, especially when it’s coming from a higher place and for the highest good of all. You’ll know how good it makes you feel when this is what you’re offering and you’ll know the lack of this feeling if it isn’t. You can’t deny this feeling to yourself. Love is the recognition of your own unique individual value.

I’ll leave y’all to chew on that. Till next week boo.


Reading for week of 21 September to 27 September 2014

KEYWORDS: Address it Now, Brainstorm, Clear a Path

the emperor 10 pentacles9 rods

The Emperor, 10 Pentacles, 9 Rods

What’s gonna break will break, so hold on to your hats. As certain events take momentum, overdue conversations and mediations will come to the forefront and there is no stopping the force behind this. It’s like a pimple bursting. It has to be addressed. There may be gushes of old red hot anger like lava eruptions and yet the higher purpose of this being brought to the forefront is to reach a greater resolution. Whether it entails a direct communication with someone, or you yourself addressing your heatedness, certain hurts are loooong overdue their release. Ask yourself who is being the stubborn one? You or them? Be honest.

Aries ram energy is depicted in the emperor card which relates to Mars the god of war. It represents male pride, stoic ness and separatism.

Is your career and your finances aligned with your calling and higher purpose / true happiness? Did you use the “year of the horse” momentum to kick yourself in the rear and head off into the path that you knew you were meant to be on, but just needed that real driving push to align yourself to it? It’s incredible how much life can change within a year and the accumulated transition of the months that we used to build our new foundations on this year. For those who haven’t made the outer changes yet in their physical worlds, the desire to express this energy and communicate it to action is going to compel you to start to speak up so you can put it in place for 2015. This means: start asking those questions, make the contacts you’ve felt you’ve needed to make, jot down your ideas for follow up and planning, blueprint the framework that you want to put in place for the upcoming year, whether you are in transition to new work or something that just inspires you more than where you might be currently. And for those of you already aligned in the work you want to be doing, use mid week to plan, dream and call in the new ideas for how you would shape your work life/ business for the upcoming year. This is really good creative inspired energy coming in to channel what it is you want to do. And if you get the opportunity to brainstorm with others, then use it! Draw upon their feedback, share your creativity and ideas and encourage each other.

Even if this creative/ brainstormy period doesn’t allow you the full framework of where you’re headed to in the new year, at least allow it to urge you to “clear the path” so you can see the forest for the trees and get some perspective on the general energy you’re headed with. Sometimes the “fire” inspiration energy isn’t so much to take action for new building, but to burn down the old forms that are restricting you in some way. Think of it like back burning. You clear a section of the forest, this declutters an area and brings nutrient to the soil and allows the terrain to become more manageable .

Reading for week of 14 September to 20 September 2014

KEYWORDS: Drop Expectations, Redemption

 knight of pentacles the hierophant8 swords

Knight of Pentacles, The Hierophant, 8 Swords

Are you tired of playing a game of cat and mouse? Is it still worth your time and effort? Are you still meeting resistance from others? If so are you ready to let this chase go? Have you been trying to force the situation from others, where you’ve worn your heart on your sleeve and yet you’ve still met resistance as they are not ready? This is applicable in both personal relationships and in the greater sense of relating to others in an open and expansive way, where they are just not “ready” to meet you at the level of exchange you are desiring to operate from. Where is the sense of fulfillingness in these types of exchanges? How can you bring the higher aspect of yourself to every interchange and use your time wisely so you are not relegated to shall we say ” watering down” your expression of love? Can you love from a detached position when you are in the knowingness of where the other person can only currently operate from? Can you take this energy beyond the possessive and in some ways limiting interchange of “I’ll do this for you and you do this for me”, into a sense of ” I will give you this without expectation and trust that it works for the greater good of all”.

In this mode of operation there is no disappointment or separation. There is trust. There is a higher form of love being expressed, where you know all your needs are already being met. The Knight of Pentacles represents truth, righteousness and altruistic expression for all humanity. It is moving beyond the addiction of expected returns. It is moving beyond the hurts and victim mentality of the past, of feeling left out, betrayed, misunderstood, and into compassion, acceptance of others, forgiveness and healing. It is the recognition of our differences and allowing ourselves to release others when we know their paths are headed in other directions. Blessing them as we let them go.

Think of it as the wisdom of a grandfather pushing a grandchild on a swing. He has come to a place of acceptance and giving where there is no expectation of return for what he can freely give. He receives joy in the joy of seeing his grandchild play. He doesn’t need the return of love or the demands of payment for what he gives his grandchild. He hasn’t limited his time spent in giving, and it is has moved into a higher unconditional form of love. He is in the trust that all his needs are met in that moment.

Mid week is a return to taking charge of your affairs and your world. If you fell off the horse a little last week after the full moon, then by mid week you should feel well on top of things again and a lot more grounded on your throne. You’ll feel a stronger decisiveness and strength to plan, command and take action. With this sharper mind, clarity and confident decision making skills you will be unlocking the mind gate at an unprecedented rate. You will be ready to tackle the areas that were fuzzy to you or unresolved, where you felt you weren’t ready to take action before, because the clarity on those matters hadn’t presented itself yet. It’s like in a video game, when you unlock another part of the map, it puts the world you already know in an expanded context, and provides room to grow, literally. The borders that kept your mind locked into a certain framework will be rapidly expanding and unlocking in order for you to comprehend the possibilities of moving into these uncharted areas. (Which will feel awesome and like we are starting afresh.)

End of the week provides opportunity for unbinding issues around sexuality, relationships, creativity, basically a focus on the sacral energies. The spaces that are sacred to you and how you define this “sacredness”. It also provides the opportunity for you to see what you are creating in these dynamics which trigger any negative feelings such as jealousy, envy, possessiveness, emotional addiction, and how these negative qualities work to the detriment of your lightness of being and creativity. It is also an opportunity to connect with the divine feminine and heal aspects of relationships with not only the females in your life but the feminine nature within self. Any repressions in these areas will be stirred up. So if you get heated with someone try to think before you speak and don’t fly off the handle into the old wars and wounds that relate to these areas. The 8 of swords also represents moving beyond the pubescent / adolescent hormonal understanding and reactivity of youth and “fiery reproach” to a calmer and more balanced way of dealing with intrusion on your sacred space. We can all learn and be willing to learn when we put the knife down and express our hurts in a calm and non defensive manner.
Put the knife down. Breathe.

Drop the knife.

I said drop it.

Reading for week of 7 September to 13 September 2014

KEYWORDS: Dissolve, Take Inventory, What’s Next?

5ofpentacles 9 of Wands 2 rods

5 Pentacles, 9 Rods, 2 Rods

“In time I’ll learn to live without limitation”….


The spirit desires to know itself in its full potential. The frustration comes when we don’t allow ourselves to receive the fruits of life’s experience by not being fully present, open and receptive to the totality of all experience in this world. There is no greater wound in the heart than the feeling of unrealized potential because there will always be a deeper sense of the unlimited possibility of life. And the duality of this dimension creates the façade, or the illusion of unrequited passion to create. Let’s take a mini life review on where we cut ourselves off from receiving or claiming aspects of ourselves or what we could have created if we’d given ourselves the chance in the past. Let’s have the courage to look at those old wounds and recognize where we created the limitation and let go of the illusion that it’s because of “a power beyond us”. And what we were incapable of allowing ourselves to discover in the past, it is time to be compassionate with ourselves for and allow ourselves to release the bitterness or pain of those old unrequited passions that weren’t expressed in physical forms or actions in this world. Allow those hurts to dissolve and manure in order to fertilize the unlimited potentiality of the next aspect of ourselves that we choose to express and discover in this world. This is the mourning period. Which is a chance/opportunity for new life. Crisis and depression will allow this realization of the sadness of unfulfilled potential to integrate within our knowingness and allow ourselves the freedom to create life without the limitation we held in our body /mind /spirit. Breathe and let these pains go.

From this springs forth new fire / passion and the completion of yet another cycle. It’s like we are very quickly ticking off a lot of completion this year. Finishing many cycles of growth with our willingness to integrate the learnings and the wisdom acquired from the full attentiveness to our experiences . We can recognize our wounds without the attachment anymore. (If we are willing to). It’s like the end of the battle cycle. We can collect , take stock and inventory of what we have undergone. It’s turning out to be an extremely contemplative week, whereas the week before brought up deep emotion, there is more of an air of acceptance and just seeing things for what they are this week. And just a sense of “ok then, for better or worse, this is where I’m at now in my life” “these are the things I’ve accomplished, and these are the things that I didn’t accomplish.” “Where do I want to go from here?”

Can you choose to be ok with this? Do you have to make it such a serious thing? Or can you instead express the gratitude for all the experience as you experienced it and how you played your part in it?

After the cycle has ended the new one begins. Where does your next project lead you? For those of you who are thinking to physically move location what’s holding you up? Are you still tied up here ? Does your current locality/circumstance still serve your growth or will expansion in new areas bring you the knowingness of self that you wish to recognize? Are you still limited to the old form? If you held the world in your hand where would you be and what would you be doing? The end of the week really marks a sense of “ok what’s next?”. As I said it’s really a week of life review and contemplation of what you want to do now. And where will you allow the new inspiration that’s coming to you to lead you?…..

Ponder…. Winking face