Month: November 2014

Reading for week of 30 November to 6 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Time Travel, Restructure, Heart Openings

strength temperance the chariot

Strength, Temperance, The Chariot

There’s this beautiful feeling of unity coming into this week. A strong sense of structure, tidiness, reorganization. A reordering of our personal affairs. It’s out of the chaos and into the reformation


“And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the builder reshape a new world”
– My law, Tieme Ranapiri


Past present and future are lining up. This creates a fluidity of connection between our states of being along these time lines. This is calling in a unity of being within all stages of our life measured through time. And as a result this week, we are going to feel the totality of all of it. You ready for this one?


“I’m looking at the picture again
I spin the sundial to expectation
20 years ago, I saw you yesterday”
-Paper doll, PM Dawn


Collectively we are going through the great balance. Temperance is the state of balance, an angel floating above a pool of emotion, yet grounded at the same time with its large red wings, not losing connection to the earth. The triangle on its chest denoting the balance of mind, body, spirit. There is a call to really grounding this week, spending time in nature and stretching or yoga to really assist assimilation of the expansiveness of this week. There is also an urge for cleaner diet this week, reducing sugar and alcohol, whatever you can do to “clean house”.
Dream states are going to be particularly vivid or lucid, and you may get the sense of actual connections, communications and healings occurring within the dream plane.


This triadic alignment of our perceived states of time , will allow for our sense of moving back & forth along the time line to feel even more vivid, animated, life like. The memory of an event can now be experienced in greater detail, like the heat on your skin on a warm day, or the smell of food from a family gathering, or tension and sweat running down your back at a class presentation. The sense memory is expanding, and our ability to tune in and relive these events in high definition, surround sound is accentuating. On the other end of the spectrum, the more we allow ourselves to tune into this and review our path, we’ll get the sense of /catch glimpses of our future as well, and be able to crystalize those images in our trajectory. I know it sounds odd, yet we all are capable of this ability, of sensing the totality.




The merkabah is known as the chariot and the ability to move through time and space, backwards, forwards, in and out. It is the light body around humans that aligns the mind, body and heart. You may also experience increased and sudden flooding in your heart space this week, crisis leading to sudden expansion. This is also an effect of the Mer-ka-bah ( Light-Spirit-Body) activating.


Time, Space and Social Interrelation

The identification with the old forms of the personality self is likened to a snake skin that drops away. We wake up one day to the realisation that the personification and the understanding we have of ourselves in relation to the outside world no longer “feels” like a true representation of who we are and how we identify ourselves.

The shamanic path allows us the opportunity to no longer use outside reference points as identifiers of our place within reality. The fear emerges when we desperately cling to the hope of resurrecting the sense of animation between connections to places, people and roles that no longer breathe life into our reality.




Disillusion is a painful and necessary part of this process. In the contemplation of what no longer resonates, we open up new worlds of discovery that only allow us to continue when we drop the old weight of outer identifications. The further we go along this path, the more difficult it is/more effort it takes to reanimate our old connections to the outer worlds we no longer identify with. This is where we must develop the reference points within ourselves and come into our own channeled innate higher wisdom, as the theories and the available knowledge shared in our reality only serve as theory until integrated as an inner knowingness. This requires stepping beyond the veil of uncertainty and limitation into the silence. Only through that silence are we able to access the higher wisdom and understanding that gives us a sense of our bearings in this new comprehension of our reality.

The theories are only theories until we develop this inner compass. It has to be strong within us otherwise it is very easy to lose our mind between these crumbling forms of reality. Outer forms, people, places, roles, we will attempt to cling to desperately while we are “unraveling” and in the process of forming our own grounded understanding of the new limitless form we can “feel” ( consciously or not ) that we are moving towards. This struggle will exasperate if we are in the fear of losing our bearing. The ego self will literally run from this as it would appear as a death, and total annihilation of existence. And yet as in death, in the stillness of its release, after the shock and trauma it would slowly open its eyes to the awareness that it still exists within a new reality. In a sense it is death and rebirth.

Within the discovery of these new inner worlds we begin to question and relinquish our fear around our roles and relations to people. We also begin to ask the questions that grant us clarity in relation to our fears, desires, projections and expectations of others. A sense of living without need begins to form, as the reference points we felt were so ingrained in our connectedness to others, we discover already exist within us. We no longer feel the desperation to have people mirror our power and infiniteness to us, as the sense of seeking that reassurance from others reaches a state of futility and never ending insecurity. We begin to model ourselves on an existence of sharing information, compassion, openness and the free flowing facilitation of growth for ourselves and others, without expectation and attachments. The attachments become unnecessary.

A sense of freedom and joy develops as we truly begin to get a sense of enjoying this world without the fear of losing it. We can enjoy interaction with others and the peaking of shared experience without the fear of its dissipation within our sense of linear time frames. It also frees us from our fears and judgements of social obligation and the projected time frames of others, as we realise we can move between different time frames and still functionally operate within each perceived reality. It doesn’t have to equate to losing all sense of our earth bodies and sitting in a state of ecstatic bliss without return. That is again a notion based on fear and limitation of what is possible for us to experience, or a dualistic formed structure of reality. We have permission to be in the true essence of who we are in all walks of life. I AM that I AM that I AM.


MauriceMaurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

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Reading for week of 23 November to 29 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Allowance, Movement

 the foolknight of swords 6 pentacles

The Fool, Knight of Swords, 6 of Pentacles

New beginnings ushered in for the start of the week. A clear slate to work with . A chance to be back in the natural ebb and flow of life. Heaviness of the mental energy of the previous week has lifted. The sense of trust and reassurance has returned or at least the willingness to give trust another go with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Life can appear a lot sunnier if we choose for it to be and flow with the natural order, rather than resisting the climate we find ourselves in. It’s a reminder to embrace the natural order and “fly by the seat of our pants”. The more baggage we can drop the lighter the load for us to carry and the more we can play with the adventure. The last week was teaching us flexibility and release of control and we shifted our perceptions of ourselves within each situation. Serenity, grace, wonder and abandonment of the need to make everything so difficult, complicated or hold onto the idea of it all being such a challenge. We are being shown just how easily we can adapt if we let go of our control freak and drop into deeper trust that we are truly supported in our journey.


So now that we’ve got our confidence back let’s charge ahead, rekindling our process orientation without need to be hung up on the outcomes, as we allow ourselves a deeper sense of trusting the journey and not resisting or cursing our setbacks, or the things we identify as setbacks. Again as we had taken the time to be in reflection last week, it allowed us to see that life moves in divine harmony and flow when we don’t go into the fear or mental resistance of how we believe things have to operate in order for us to be progressive or successful. We’ve allowed ourselves the opportunity to stop judging where we feel we’re at on the path, by sharpening our intention of where it is we say we wish to go and then being in allowance of the easiest and quickest route to take us there. Swords reappearing shows renewed mental clarity and a sense of integration in order to take action again. When the intention is strong and clear it can allow manifestation to occur a lot faster. Allow it to come in season.


The hardships and the lack of flow allow time for reflection of where the laws of giving and receiving are out of balance within us. Our greatest asset is our willingness to be compassion with our journey and the struggles others go through, releasing our judgements, as we may not be aware of the soul journey and learning we and our loved ones are on. As my dad always likes to quote:


“Life is mainly froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own”
– Adam Lindsay Gordon


Patience, love and compassion. Gratitude for our life and for the progression of our life is a real and powerful amplifier of the heart portal energy. Tithing and giving back, and knowing ourselves us worthy to receive maintains equilibrium.


Life is a state of grace when we are not attached to the implications of the turn of events but can stay adaptable to change and centred within the knowing of who we are, what we represent and wish to create.

Reading for week of 16 November to 22 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Perspectives, Observation, Expression

9 swords  hanged man3 swords

9 of Swords, The Hanged Man, 3 of Swords

Looks like an introspective week cause there’s lots of swords-air in this reading and the hanged man at mid week suggests shifts in perspective, changing your view of the situation and also really just hanging out within it as the observer. Noticing things a little more closely. Observing patterns and behaviors, your own and other peoples. A little bit of “stopping time” or “freeze framing” to get the details or the clues of the situation that you might have missed before. Acquiring these pieces of thought.


When I see 9 of swords , it denotes to me inner worries, anxieties, our waking up in stress in the middle of the night like the figure in the card. What’s been playing out in the mind? What’s waking you up with restless sleep? Are you getting that foot twitch of adrenalin? Situations that can’t be solved rationally with your current perspective, or lack there of. And that’s why the hanged man at mid week makes sense, it beckons that inner pull to really observe self within the situation. It’s that “stop and think”, as opposed to react. How have I created the situation?


12 (the hanged man) 1 + 2 = 3
Represents using creative (3) problem solving to unwrap / unbind yourself from the problem. It’s like being a lawyer and analyzing the evidence of the case, taking inventory of all the information to come up with a creative solution. But sometimes all it takes is just a shift in thinking to get the light to switch on, and then you can say “oh that’s how I can make this thing work”. “Bingo”


3 is again a theme at the end of the week ( as well as featuring as a common denominator of the previous cards “9” and “12”) with 3 swords piercing through a blood red heart.

“Express yourself, you’ve got to be you, babe
Express yourself, and let me be me”
– Express Yourself, Salt n Pepa


So the end of week is really what blocks your heart from being in it’s creative expression and keeps you in grey. Here we have a vibrant heart full of potential and passion and yet thoughts of limitation are keeping it in pieces and not knowing the fullness of love as it’s expression


“Thoughts of love are in your mind
Yet splintered hopes push them aside.
A look at life is what you need to try”
– Girl Blue, Stevie Wonder


Use your creative force to unravel yourself from this thought/ belief limitation which has created the grey, dulled down reality you experience as a mirror of what you’ve created inside of you. As within, so it reflects on the out. The heart is the portal of manifestation. And if thought forms are piercing it and keeping it enmeshed, then you are denying the fullness of the heart’s manifesting power; to create happiness in your day to day, jobs, families, relationships. It’s the causality of what you believe about yourself your environment and what is possible for you to have. You’ll find that it also somehow runs parallel to your self esteem and self worth. As a parallel to what you believe you can have and are worthy of having.


When we we’re not listening to our passion and attempting to walk our path of dharma (purpose in life), we’ll suppress our expression (throat problems) and this can lead to living in the victim archetypes; sabotaging relationships, rebelling our work situations and families, because we’re not expressing in an authentic, aligned way. Ultimately it’s you keeping the swords through your heart. It’s nobody else’s fault boo.

Reading for week of 9 November to 15 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Grievances, Personality Clashes, Truce

5 swords  the devil2 cups

5 Swords, The Devil, 2 of Cups

Ok so, interesting that we start the week with the card we finished with last week. Which signifies the energy of this is still being processed. And what it represents is grievances and pettiness and rivalry. Still going through the clean up of letting go of the hurts of past challenges and beefs with people. Perhaps there’s been a certain degree of reflecting, going down memory lane, remembering arguments from 1982, and how you felt about that person then, and how you would feel differently about it now, and if you saw them now, what you’d say to them, etc etc. So it’s almost like it’s giving us a little bit more time to go deeper into this process and really pull the weeds out with the vendettas and grudginess. Take your time with this but keep it moving.

The devil is the tension card, with the downward 5 pointed star. Mid week is more in the way of current personality clashes. So again another week to really, hmmm… “exercise” this duality stuff, because even the last card shows a “truce” energy by the end of the week. But it’s calling up feelings of being stuck or tethered by folks, or feelings of not wanting to be engaged with certain people. It’s another week for examining personal resistance, personality types, ego stuff, bigotry, and exercising our “live and let live” because you won’t be able to ignore your annoyance when these challenges arise. Yay, more fun expressing yourself in confrontations in a constructive and healthy way when faced with criticism, domination, or folks trying to force control (or you trying to force control).

Nobody’s perfect yo. Let’s drop self righteousness which is “feeling superior to another in order to feel good about myself” and drop shyness about speaking up, which is “waiting for someone else to tell me I’m ok”. So yes enjoy the challenge people.

“Fun fun, think about fun
You know what it is”
– Friday, Rebecca Black

So by Friday or the end of the week it gives us the chance to marry this up. I kinda liken it to how in offices people hold this petty passive aggressive beef with their coworkers and yet when they hit 5 o’clock drinks on Friday, everybody is best friends, like somehow magically alcohol is the great pacifier. But use the time to actually clear it rather than repeat the cycle the following week. Even if you are parting ways with this person, examine your role in the cycle of it. And if by facing the uncomfortable confrontation in a non hostile way, you grow from it, then cool, you’re less likely to be challenged by that situation the next time it reincarnates.

Reading for week of 2 November to 8 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Forgive, Love, Honour Your Truth

6 cups  king of wands5 swords

6 Cups, King of Wands, 5 Swords

This is a time for beautiful connections being made and synergy within passing gifts of openness, sharing and love within friendships. It reflects open hearted ness, communication and giving in a deeper emotional way, the things we’ve integrated and understood, with equal ness and a real sense of sisterhood/ brotherhood.


Themes of community and giving back and helping out are in the air, allowing us to express compassion feel connected with those around us. This is also time for forgiveness and returns to innocence, to allow ourselves a less hardened expression of generosity or nurturing. The way children connect before the taint of “negative” life experience and accumulated wounds. We can allow ourselves to go back to a pure way of giving and understanding each other, and heal our own hearts within that process. Release the grief, release the sadness, ask to be compassionate, and send thoughts of happiness to those you are still holding resentment towards. Ask for healing for both of you.


Make up your mind. Choose to remember your power and take ownership of the integrity of your energy. Ancient knowledge. Ancient teachings. Remembrance. Dreamtime. Honoring of self . Homecoming. Honoring of individuality. Honoring of creative expression. Honoring of who you came through to be and what you are “holding”. Remembrance. Dreams. Activations. Choosing to keep holding the staff. Stay your ground. Stay your ground. Stay your ground.


“I’m gonna be iron, like a lion in Zion”
– Iron, Lion, Zion, Bob Marley


Ok watch for who’s got your goat at the end of the week. Let’s override pettiness and the false sense of victory over another. Let’s not give way to egoic battles and smugness. This also relates to people or the world taking what you feel is accredited to you without permission or recourse. And the loneliness of lack of acknowledgement. Don’t give way to feelings of inferiority from being misunderstood or feeling played out by somebody. This also relates to positions and possessions . All worldly material that could be considered a loss if an entity were to come in and take it from you. Just leave it alone, don’t condemn, don’t condone.