Reading for week of 23 November to 29 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Allowance, Movement

 the foolknight of swords 6 pentacles

The Fool, Knight of Swords, 6 of Pentacles

New beginnings ushered in for the start of the week. A clear slate to work with . A chance to be back in the natural ebb and flow of life. Heaviness of the mental energy of the previous week has lifted. The sense of trust and reassurance has returned or at least the willingness to give trust another go with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Life can appear a lot sunnier if we choose for it to be and flow with the natural order, rather than resisting the climate we find ourselves in. It’s a reminder to embrace the natural order and “fly by the seat of our pants”. The more baggage we can drop the lighter the load for us to carry and the more we can play with the adventure. The last week was teaching us flexibility and release of control and we shifted our perceptions of ourselves within each situation. Serenity, grace, wonder and abandonment of the need to make everything so difficult, complicated or hold onto the idea of it all being such a challenge. We are being shown just how easily we can adapt if we let go of our control freak and drop into deeper trust that we are truly supported in our journey.


So now that we’ve got our confidence back let’s charge ahead, rekindling our process orientation without need to be hung up on the outcomes, as we allow ourselves a deeper sense of trusting the journey and not resisting or cursing our setbacks, or the things we identify as setbacks. Again as we had taken the time to be in reflection last week, it allowed us to see that life moves in divine harmony and flow when we don’t go into the fear or mental resistance of how we believe things have to operate in order for us to be progressive or successful. We’ve allowed ourselves the opportunity to stop judging where we feel we’re at on the path, by sharpening our intention of where it is we say we wish to go and then being in allowance of the easiest and quickest route to take us there. Swords reappearing shows renewed mental clarity and a sense of integration in order to take action again. When the intention is strong and clear it can allow manifestation to occur a lot faster. Allow it to come in season.


The hardships and the lack of flow allow time for reflection of where the laws of giving and receiving are out of balance within us. Our greatest asset is our willingness to be compassion with our journey and the struggles others go through, releasing our judgements, as we may not be aware of the soul journey and learning we and our loved ones are on. As my dad always likes to quote:


“Life is mainly froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own”
– Adam Lindsay Gordon


Patience, love and compassion. Gratitude for our life and for the progression of our life is a real and powerful amplifier of the heart portal energy. Tithing and giving back, and knowing ourselves us worthy to receive maintains equilibrium.


Life is a state of grace when we are not attached to the implications of the turn of events but can stay adaptable to change and centred within the knowing of who we are, what we represent and wish to create.


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