Reading for week of 30 November to 6 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Time Travel, Restructure, Heart Openings

strength temperance the chariot

Strength, Temperance, The Chariot

There’s this beautiful feeling of unity coming into this week. A strong sense of structure, tidiness, reorganization. A reordering of our personal affairs. It’s out of the chaos and into the reformation


“And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the builder reshape a new world”
– My law, Tieme Ranapiri


Past present and future are lining up. This creates a fluidity of connection between our states of being along these time lines. This is calling in a unity of being within all stages of our life measured through time. And as a result this week, we are going to feel the totality of all of it. You ready for this one?


“I’m looking at the picture again
I spin the sundial to expectation
20 years ago, I saw you yesterday”
-Paper doll, PM Dawn


Collectively we are going through the great balance. Temperance is the state of balance, an angel floating above a pool of emotion, yet grounded at the same time with its large red wings, not losing connection to the earth. The triangle on its chest denoting the balance of mind, body, spirit. There is a call to really grounding this week, spending time in nature and stretching or yoga to really assist assimilation of the expansiveness of this week. There is also an urge for cleaner diet this week, reducing sugar and alcohol, whatever you can do to “clean house”.
Dream states are going to be particularly vivid or lucid, and you may get the sense of actual connections, communications and healings occurring within the dream plane.


This triadic alignment of our perceived states of time , will allow for our sense of moving back & forth along the time line to feel even more vivid, animated, life like. The memory of an event can now be experienced in greater detail, like the heat on your skin on a warm day, or the smell of food from a family gathering, or tension and sweat running down your back at a class presentation. The sense memory is expanding, and our ability to tune in and relive these events in high definition, surround sound is accentuating. On the other end of the spectrum, the more we allow ourselves to tune into this and review our path, we’ll get the sense of /catch glimpses of our future as well, and be able to crystalize those images in our trajectory. I know it sounds odd, yet we all are capable of this ability, of sensing the totality.




The merkabah is known as the chariot and the ability to move through time and space, backwards, forwards, in and out. It is the light body around humans that aligns the mind, body and heart. You may also experience increased and sudden flooding in your heart space this week, crisis leading to sudden expansion. This is also an effect of the Mer-ka-bah ( Light-Spirit-Body) activating.


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