Reading for week of 28 December 2014 to 3 January 2015

KEYWORDS: Individualism, Arrival, Expression of the Higher Self

10 of rods6 of pentacles 8 of rods

10 of Rods, 6 of Pentacles, 8 of Rods


“The sun will shine upon you one day
If you’re always walking your way”
– Walk don’t walk, Prince


Individualism. The one thing I would have told my younger self was to really celebrate your individualism as opposed to seeing it as a hindrance, ie feeling different, being in a state of confusion over “how do I relay my expression in this world”. What one person will call crazy, another will label genius, but it’s really challenging to digest that message when you haven’t developed enough references within yourself to “know that you know what you know”, especially at a young age because we are still susceptible to the worlds’ impression.


“They don’t know their language
They don’t know their God
They take what they’re given
Even when it feels odd”
– Twinkle, Erykah Badu


The people I looked up to were always in some ways subversive. Misfit. I loved Boy George as a kid and my parents got me one of those old school large wooden backed posters. I didn’t know he was a boy, I was 4, and Karma Chameleon was my jam. The songs are what brought this beautiful, talented, creative and in some ways extremely lonely and later, drug addicted soul to the masses. Here was somebody rocking cowboy hats and boots, Raggedy Anne plaits with drag make up and bringing it to the masses. And they loved it. The effect of what this person resonated was sooo striking. It struck a chord with millions of people around the world who saw aspects of themselves in him.


As a teenager and young adult I would admire the people I met who I felt “owned” their “difference”. It was a sense of admiration but at the same time, the limiting thought of “oh yo, I’d never have the courage to be that individual”. And yet something weird happens with the passage of time. The things that really seemed like such an obstacle you don’t really give a shit for. It’s like you wake up and you realize, oh I’ve integrated that fear or pain.


Picasso had some quote, it was like “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Another quote “It takes a long time to become young”, and on painting he offered, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Arguably the most famous / influential artist of the last century, here was a man who felt comfortable in pajamas as day wear, and would from time to time accessorize with a flower behind his ear.


I’m not triumphing “show off-ness”, although really nothing wrong with that. It’s enjoyable, people like being entertained, the world needs entertainment. It’s just sometimes a person comes through, and they are holding the seed of a message that humanity needs, and the perfect vehicle for them to carry it into the world will be in the form of their EXACT individualism. Like who that person is, what makes them, the time and the place that they come into, will be the PERFECT divine lay up. What they are bringing through will be delivered and it’s the PERFECT come across.


And yet as much as we can herald these people who we’ve celebrated in the public eye for their individualism, it probably came at a cost. And a cost that in some way, regardless of what we know of their back story, only they will know, cause they were the ones who lived their experience, who “took the blows and did it their way”. That is in essence what the “cost to the be the boss” is. How many folks give up on something when they are younger because it felt too hard to hold that expression of identity against the crushing weight of ridicule of individualism. We judge and ridicule and cringe at others but secretly wish we had the freedom to express ourselves as openly. To hold your place of reference or your sentinel out posting when what you’re expressing isn’t popular or “held” by others and at worst attacked and violated.


“you know, we look at Bob Marley, you know, and we say Ok, let’s just grow locks and wear the clothes and have the band and we have no .. idea how many years of struggle and pain and suffering that made that content.
-Lauryn hill on discussing Bob Marley, MTV Unplugged


I was flipping through my phone and the following I wrote over a year ago rings true within this message: You are connected to higher self when you are sincere and willing to see the truth, without trying to distort it from the mind or force the answer. Or force an understanding before it’s time has arrived. And understanding can never be forced, its an adjustment, that happens for everybody in their own way and time. What somebody could have been telling you repeatedly for the last year, might only start to make sense to you tomorrow.


This will be the last update at present, as what began as a weekly forecast has evolved into a different format of information exchange. I feel next year it will be more likely that I will be relaying it in essay/thematic format, and the timelines for this delivery will be less locked in, more spontaneous, and not so much “channeled on a treadmill”. Or maybe I’ll just skip words, bypass the mind and start channeling light language. Can’t always get it via the intellect. (I’m joking……… sort of)


But in any case information will still be shared on my website and blog, so thank you to all those who have given positive feedback.

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