Month: April 2015

Lunar Essence in LIBRA

Lunar Essence in Libra/ April 2015

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon
Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, lemon, orange, marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender, cade, wintergreen, chamomile, pine and cedarwood oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.


Themes this essence works on:

  • Wisdom
  • Acceptance
  • Shining light on the way forward
  • Connection with higher self
  • Ascension
  • Equalizing
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Geranium flower essence for healing the heart

Invokes the presence of the wise one, the aspect of self that has already integrated the learning, integrated the understanding and can hold space for us while we are working through our confusion and lack of understanding. The part of us that already holds the knowing and is at peace


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TAROT Reading 7 April 2015

Tarot Reading 7 April 2015Pyramid Layout: 

The Emperor, The Lovers, The Hierophant, Knight of Wands, 7 Rods, Queen of Swords

Keywords: Experience as learning, Understanding the map, Beyond conflict


There’s the experience and then there’s the interpretation of the experience. There’s the knowing and there’s the interpretation of the knowing. In a sense all religion and all schools of thought, all developments in the study of human behaviour and psychology stem from the interpretation of the experience or the interpretation of the knowing. But what good is the interpretation without the experience? You could read a thousand books and quote a million passages in order to regurgitate information, but how does that make it first degree within your experience? If anything it can work against your connection to the experience.

We created the idols and the stories in order to remind ourselves of aspects of ourselves and then we allowed others to become guardians of those idols without allowing our own connection. We created the veil. We allowed ourselves to forget what we already knew, and in our ignorance allowed others take control from our insecurity.

We make understanding so damn complicated. We create ritual as a process of exploring the divine and then “dogmatize” the crap out of it. Let me break it down. There was a time when I was looking for a new tarot teacher. I rang this guy and the first vibe I felt from him was ego, dogma, limitation of expression, control and a sense of exclusivity in who he selected to teach and the way that he wanted to teach. Every cell in me felt his approach and said “Nope”. The progression that I’m looking for is not here. But…..

All roads lead to Romania

You can take the left pass or the right. You can follow set teaching and institution, or create your own. At the end of the day you have a choice to be within that experience. Sometimes we learn greatly within limitation of expression. Sometimes we learn greatly from the rebellion of limitation of expression. Sometimes we learn greatly from coming full circle and seeing how the two roads are neither better or worse than each other, but just an equal opportunity for soul growth.

Even those of us who came in, born with binds, have our role to play, explore and grow within those explorations of human limitations, whether adopted or projected onto us by others, by the very specific cultural contexts we incarnated into. We are shaped moulded and moved by our experience. We become the expression, the living breathing force of the work that we came here to do.

Those who fall outside of their tribal tradition, or cultures they were born into will feel the split of this divide between the assimilation with what they know, are shown and were born into, and the desire for their innate expression which can take a different and sometimes solo path in order to know and explore the terrain for themselves. If the teachings don’t match their required learning, there will always be conflict of spirit. And sometimes in order to develop the freedom of original thought, it requires turning away from passed down tradition. If we can centre ourselves enough within these options of the exploration of knowledge, we can begin to walk between worlds.


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Rolling Circles



Rolling circle replication describes a process of unidirectional nucleic acid replication that can rapidly synthesize multiple copies of circular molecules of DNA or RNA

Yarn, wool and quartz

18″ diameter

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