Month: June 2015

Lunar Essence in SAGITTARIUS

Lunar Essence in SAGITTARIUS / JUNE 2015

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, tangerine, star anise, bergamot, bay and chamomile oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works on:

  • Reconnecting consciousness and conscious awareness in the body
  • Galactic connections
  • 3rd eye awakener
  • Streams of consciousness

Extends and expands perception on multilayers of reality and grants a better view that is far reaching in all directions. ( Was shown the image of a lighthouse ). Aids in integrating information through the body from the lower to the higher. Greater understanding of current situations or dilemmas, as well as assistance with emotional integration of physical disease patterning.
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lunar essence sagittarius

lunar essence sagittarius


TAROT Reading 1 June 2015 – Selling ourselves down the river

2 coins 8 coins
7 swords
2 coins

With each accomplishment we build on our knowledge, experience and skill. As a craftsman, the years you spend and the time, honour and discipline put into a craft creates a legacy and a body of work that you can stand behind. It is the journey towards mastery and an outer expression of inner value.

But if we don’t acknowledge that value it would be all too easy for others to take advantage of that value and take the gains of the skill and craft you have been accumulating. Sometimes we watch this happen right in front of our eyes, but because we want to trust in the honour and integrity of others, we watch as the value of the craft we have mastered is sold down the river. And in that awareness and full acknowledgement of the sting of that injustice we can stay in victimhood, or we can acknowledge how we have allowed ourselves to be sold out; in the “all-out” obvious ways and also in the subtle psychic peckings of manipulation and vampirism. Either way, we allowed people to take from us.

If self worth is a muscle and we don’t exercise it, then it’s all too comfortable for us to go back into the lax of allowing others to take the credit, to rake up the value and to move on. If this keeps happening and we find ourselves kicking ourselves in the pain of realizing how we still give away our value, then it is only for us to see the depth of this unchecked programming running rampant in our lives.

When we’re not ready to acknowledge the layers of this, we convince ourselves in the justification of allowing others to take more from us than is due. We tell ourselves we want to be riding a wave of empowerment, but if modesty is forgoing our right to be counted and honoured, then guess what? Those who still operate in opportunistic patterns will be happy to smile at us and steal all our good.

The lemniscate ( sideways figure 8 ) is the symbol of infinity. It has many meanings but the one that stands out in this reading is cyclical. The character depicted in the 2 of coins holds the coins with a weary expression, one held higher than the other. There is a sense of imbalance as the rocky waters of emotion churn against the ships sailing behind him. The energy that we put out to the universe will cycle round the seasons and come back to us in due of what we are allowing to come back. If we release our value in a state of self discredit, the value that rolls back to us will reflect this, and we will feel the lull and disappointment in this cocreation. If we put our value out there and we don’t feel that the universe will receive us or willingly honour and pay for our worth, then it won’t. And we’ll have no one to look at but ourselves.

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