The Seed of Consciousness

Often we see people repeating the same story or struggle in their lives because they are still living within a marker of time, which is their consciousness. Opportunity to break through their pain and suffering (the easy way or the hard way) will continuously present itself. So opportunity cannot be wasted because the soul repeatedly calls forth the environment and scenario required to spur it forth.

Death is not a measure of wasted opportunity. If we dwell in that regret then  we are limiting our perception of another soul’s growth and process. If a soul repeatedly called forth the environments and scenarios for integration and shifts in consciousness within a lifetime, then why would it not be able to create further opportunities after exiting physicality?

When we see others struggling, and we can understand from an observational perspective what the root of their problem is, i.e. the things that they have yet to integrate or where they are resisting, we can either fear that they will not “get there” or finally “get it” and become emotionally attached to their struggle story, or we can let it go and trust that their marker of time (their consciousness) is still relevant and needed for them.


Why do we go into fear of others missing the boat? Is it an innate human desire to save others and raise their consciousness? Plenty of people who have experienced the personal tragedy of losing someone to difficult and perhaps avoidable circumstance brought on by a variant of factors have been inspired to seek answers and take action based on how they can be of service to humanity and those in need. However, the wisdom required to deal with the underbelly of humanity includes the integration and understanding of our motivations to influence others, as well as being honest with ourselves around our own hidden or unintegrated agendas when assisting others.

Consciousness is not something that needs defending. If a thought exists in someone’s mind, even if it is never shared or expressed or received (consciously) by others, it still exists as a state of consciousness. The seed has been planted. What allows it to germinate and grow and then flower is the receptivity of nature. The nature of human consciousness en masse is to receive at a time when we are ready to grow and ready to flower, and yet there are many seeds. And some will spring up earlier than others yet the potentiality is always prevalent. Once the seed of consciousness has been planted into the earth it is literally only a matter of time (consciousness) before it blooms. And if we take time out of the equation then everyone is already enlightened.

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Maurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

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