Selling your soul for dummies

Envy and the lack of appreciation for what currently exists in the world, will always drop our resonance and vibration. An insatiable desire for gain or the accumulation of access, without gratitude for what currently exists, coupled with doubt and the lack of faith in our abundance, gifts and blessings, can be a recipe for opening a vortex to demonic energy, entities and satanic control. Too often we’ve seen this in those souls who’ve had the potential to hold the most light.

Those in moments of weakness will call in the forces that exist in the shadow to lure with gain, gratis and access, but it always will come at a hidden cost when it is done in this fashion. When there is a lack of belief in the ability to manifest and create through integrity and a lack of confidence or patience to understand this lesson, one could be given access to everything in an instant, but at what cost?

The problem with signing these kinds of contracts is if there is no time for pause or reflection, the deal will be made without conscious understanding of what the exchange was, how much impact it will have, and if it can ever be broken? And if this contract can be broken, then what will again be the cost to get out of the contract?

The house always wins

Envy is a sickness, often tied with heartache and negative thinking. It creates a hole in the auric field that desperately seeks out the external to fill the gap. Without the understanding that the medicine is renewed gratitude and appreciation, a deal can be so easily made in the dark and often without our conscious awareness. By then it’s too late, and the correction and the overview of the situation is then required to redeem oneself, as well as a payment of energy in one form or another in order for a soul to “do it’s time” and truly experience the loss and fall from grace to understand the cost of choosing to sign the contract.

These are shadow lessons which are important steps in our evolution. To have temptation and envy show up again in our world gives us the opportunity to see where there is weakness in the spirit, weakness in the mind, weakness in our will, weakness in our self love, weakness in our self appreciation. It shows us where there is a lack of acceptance, a lack of grace, a lack of humility, a lack of appreciation for others and all life forms, a lack of appreciation to the creator and the opportunity to be here and to be in service to others. To raise others up with kindness, compassion and faith. It is shortsighted vision, with a focus on what one is not seeing in their field and therefore unable to appreciate what is within it.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude”

– Denis Waitley

To break the contract is to understand why you needed it in the first place, then to raise your energy back up to a point where there is no longer a dependency on the exchange that was made.






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