Month: September 2018

Embryonic Code

Keywords: embryo, formation, structure, evolution, matching, interconnection, healing the womb, seed of life

Diameter: 21 inches

Materials: yarn, wire, striated quartz

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Heart, Will & Existential Crisis

We live in a constant cycle of death & rebirth. As a civilization we learn how to process the experience of death; release & surrender, with an understanding that the continuation of life and cycle of growth of the universe is an unstoppable force. Whether we like it or not.

With every change comes a reidentification process. Our reference of who we are, based on people, places & events that exist in our reality, and the purpose that we have in connection to those things, becomes redetermined. We reassess who we are, based off of what we love, what we do, and our connection to our lives as we see it. To our own personal understanding of ourselves and our role in the scheme of all things.

Existential crisis will occur before spiritual awakening. It is part of the death cycle. The ending of the relegated connection to old forms, in the dawn of the reassignment to new ones. Heart energy & the heart’s willingness to be, in a sense could be defined as a “happy sense” of alignment and role within one’s connection to what exists in one’s reality.

When our identity still feels forged in the understanding of what we were, and can only identify with what is gone, and if the will to reassign ourselves to new identification is lagging, we will experience crisis, disenchantment & disconnection from purpose. Purpose is what ultimately aligns our heart energy.

Grief and releasing old forms ( people, places, events) can be excruciating if we don’t feel we have the strength to realign and be open to new connection to life and our role in it, if it isn’t known to us yet. In a sense, death and releasing of the old is a leap of faith into the unknown.

What happens when our soul reaches a point where we become tired of the constant life and death cycle? Where we have experienced more goodbyes than we feel we can handle in too short a space of time? Existential crisis is that feeling of our heart not being able to get out of bed in the morning. Where part of us wants to “switch off” as it feels difficult to align to the idea of loving life through a new assigned role again, only to have to at some point release those attachments again. We hit a stand still, because we are hurt by the idea of disconnection again.

When we have experienced a stretch of time where it may feel like these life and death cycles have sped up, and what we have experienced has been overwhelming, where a lot of change has integrated and stretched the fibre of our being, the heart may feel like it wants to “tap out”. To take a break. To take a prolonged holiday. That it needs to regroup before it is willing to recommit to the next cycle. And this regrouping will take as much time as is needed, before our consciousness is willing to come back to the party. We cannot fake “heart will” or “heart energy”. If anything, we have to be willing to go through the uncomfortable process of destruction of identification from what is gone, until our heart feels supported enough to re-emerge with new light, new purpose and new meaning.

Fear in the mind comes from the thought or the concept that we won’t be able to bring this “heart will” back. Like a pilot light that we are afraid we won’t be able to reignite. Again, this is a leap of faith into the next phase of life.

This is where we can demonstrate faith to ourselves through our willingness to “show up” regardless of how horrendous the current situation feels. Unconsciously, through this demonstration of the continued action of will, we speak our truth to the universe. That deep down, we know and will ultimately remember that our will is stronger than our pain. That our sense of a purpose for existence is stronger than our remorse, and that at our very core there is a desire to keep living, otherwise we would have completely given up.

For those who can’t find that will, that heart will, that purpose or meaning, I would say strip things that back to very simple truths. What would feel good today? It may not be able to make your heart sing, but the intention to connect to the idea of something that sparks the light in you may at least get your heart to crack a mild grin, if you still cannot find the inclination to smile. If you keep compounding this simple action of “what would invite happiness into my life right now?”, if you keep working with this formulae, at some point you will find yourself conditioning yourself and orienting yourself towards the goal of self healing. If you do this enough, eventually meaning and purpose will re-emerge and become known to you.


Maurice is a Shamanic Healer, Teacher & Emotional Intuit. You can connect to him via

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