1 on 1 – Spiritual Advisory

My sessions with clients entail certain elements that I bring to the table and the work that I do. I’m really about listening to what’s behind the story, sensing where people are at within that story, and feeling how much resistance they have.⠀

From that I work out whether the resistance is in the mind, or the emotion. The conversation element, is always that opportunity for the client to put the pieces of themselves on the table. To describe the problem, and meet themselves at the point where they are stuck. The questions raised are to help them to connect with anything else they are ready to mentally acknowledge, but that’s not the be all and end all. I’m listening and waiting for that point where their mind can’t go any further. And that’s when the magic kicks in.⠀

Once the client gets on the table, I’m free to do my energy work. This is the aspect they don’t necessarily need to understand, because their mind is already engaged in process mode of what they just discussed. ⠀

I can only teach and share what I know and what I understand about the healing process. If you’ve had a session with me before, if you’re a practitioner wanting to fine tune your craft, I’m happy to share and teach the subtleties of my process, the way I am working with the energy in a session, how to move energy, extract it, etc. How to channel information, how to be open to healing directives in the moment. ⠀

So I’m opening my practice up to working with people one on one. We can use this session to look at your own personal issues, blocks etc, as well as fine tuning your process as a practitioner, and feeling into what you can access / develop. I can help you improve your confidence in what you’re doing, trust it more, channel with greater clarity, understand what your style of healing is, and a wealth of other things. Get in touch if you feel the call. 😀⠀

#shaman #shamanism #spiritualawakening ⠀

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