Month: August 2019

Can I connect to my past lives?

Curious if you’ve had a past life? And even more so if you can actually reconnect to it and learn who you were and what you did?

The interesting thing about past life regression is that it will always take you to a timeline that you’re meant to see because it will have relevance to where you are right now in your journey.

The past life regression work we will do in our workshop : “The Shaman & The Witch” this coming Sunday 1st Sep @Qi Crystals is gentle, safe and you’ll be surprised at how easy and organic it feels to bring forth this info.

Places still available. Get your reservation in soon with your deposit and we look forward to working with you. 😃

Visit us @ http://thedisconnecthealingspace for more info . Or visit our Facebook event here

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Blindfold Readings

Blind fold readings provide us the opportunity to kick start our psychic reception up to another level. Bypassing any visual cues or mentalist ability we can gather by seeing our subject, we are forced to dive deep into our intuition and sixth sense to pull information relevant to the subject.

Interested in partaking in this activity? Spots still avail for the The Shaman and the Witch on sep 1st @ Qi Crystals Caulfield Vic. Contact Maurice 0403837690 for bookings

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