Month: September 2019


As a child I FELT like the arguments didn’t include me and yet I was connected to the history around me.

It FELT like the minute you took a side you were brought into the density of the planet.

This was the feeling I always felt in debate and the study of history .


And this borrows from:

Where I grew up / My gender / My nationality / My race / My social status / My creed / My sexuality / Etc

We are in a time now where a lot of repressed voices are attempting to reclaim their sense of who they are. And in so, calling out the repressions they’ve experienced within IDENTITY.

We’ve been in that time, it’s not particularly new, but perhaps we are more aware and exposed to the conversation.

In essence we can’t really ESCAPE the history of this planet

And yet how does one tread carefully when you live within but don’t FEEL an identification with?

What does it mean on a soul level to identity as global citizen?

To have references and resonance with difference aspects of different cultures and still from the outset be PERCEIVED as one particular thing?

A lot of the discussion now seems to be around accountability and sensitivity.

Acknowledging repression and disenfranchised groups.

While this is an important step in the human growth process ( acknowledgement of trauma, reclamation of identity ), it also maintains the FOCUS on human identity and cultural identity.

When we are FIGHTING for our human form we are also limiting ourselves to our human form.

This includes the fight for land, the fight for representation, the fight for use of culture, the fight for use of language, the fight for roles, the fight for political inclusion, the fight to be heard.

And while we live in the context of the history and social climates we are incarnated to, the soul’s evolution in a sense, is driven through these narratives.

They are valid and imbued with the meaning we attribute to the cause.

What happens when you reach an incarnation where you no longer RELATE or RESONATE to these narratives?

As in you understand the value of life and people’s lives and the injustices on this planet, but at the same time you can also SENSE the duality framework we are all being kept within?

What comes after?

Can we escape the MATRIX if we still need it?

Can we go beyond identities when they still hold valid role play and understandings for our growth?

How much of the human conversation do we need to be part of?

When and where do we include ourselves within the human debate?

At what point do we step out of it?

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