Connection – Where do you not feel it?

Does the disconnection in your relationships reflect the disconnection you have with yourself? The parts of self where you form connection. ⠀

Recently someone read my bio, the summary I use to describe my work. He asked me, why do you flip between different pronouns when you write? The answer I could come up with is because when we tune in, when we go inwardly, we don’t experience the difference between “I” and “we”. They are one and the same. They become inconsequential.⠀

When I work with people, I often start speaking in first person as I’m guiding their narrative, again as if it’s one and the same. The spirit doesn’t really distinguish the difference. It’s like when we watch a film and we cast ourselves in the narrative of the lead protagonist. Our story becomes theirs and theirs ours.⠀

So when I ask where do you feel the disconnection, is it to others or self? Are they in essence one and the same?⠀

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