Evangelis: Heaven and Earth

Through silence and reflection we are able to tune in to information and understanding that goes beyond the limitations of the ideas we’ve already conceived. ⠀

Sometimes we must step outside of ourselves and the noise of the world around us, the opinions, the drama, the chaos and clutter in our circle, so that we can access these silent moments. Where we are left alone with our thoughts and the space between our thoughts. We also have to be willing to give ourselves that opportunity to be with the space between our thoughts, because the world around us and the people in it might not necessarily enable that space, until we are drawn to seek it. Then we can receive space for clarity, emptiness of mind, and detach from concerns that may not necessarily feel representative of us, even though they create a lot of “story” with the people around us. Whether this is story in the home, the neighborhood, the wider community or a national / global level. ⠀

When we create space we can access our own knowledge and knowledge from source, which is a different type of authority. When we on some level feel that the authority figures around us may not necessarily hold all the answers for us, it’s not because they are lacking in their own understandings, but it’s because there are certain understandings that we will seek to know for ourselves first hand, in the development of our minds and thoughts. And through seeking to understand things in our own way. ⠀

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