Who are we to say what’s real?

Identity. Where do you find it? How does it function in your life? Do you feel your sense of who you are within connection with others? Is that the truest expression of it? Are all the cycles we go through, the beginning, middle and ending of the connections we form, and each version of ourselves we find ourselves playing and portraying in them, the realest and the truest?⠀

Do I have to be contrived and performed in order to see and understand when I’m being real and authentic? Can my lack of self awareness at times also be authentic if I don’t fully know who I am? Because if I’m just being myself, or if I think I’m being myself, then isn’t this then the authentic me? Whether I realize it isn’t or I don’t? Until I become the next version of me that I feel I need to portray myself as, in that space and time.⠀

Who are we to say what’s real or not in someone’s personality? We may be able to recognize the conflict within a person that contributes to the portrayal they have of themselves, and yet for them and the space they are in, this is the truest form of their expression and where they feel comfortable in identifying themselves. ⠀

Be gentle with yourself as you unravel, when you don’t yet understand but can feel yourself changing. No one is locked into any set representation of themselves. ⠀

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