Month: August 2021

Protection and Sanctity

The way things are right now protecting the sanctity of your energy is so important. If you see posts that trigger you, upset you, offend you, save yourself the trouble. Mute, unfollow, etc. There’s no point in absorbing more information that pulls you into more duality. There’s no point in taking things personally. We really are going through a consciousness split right now. And that’s totally fine. Wherever we are collectively at the moment is what we are exploring. But just understand, as real as everything is, it’s still role play. It’s the opportunity on a soul level for us to come in and explore how we choose to experience the end of the world. Regardless of whether or not it is. It is the end of our old world in any sense and it’s the choice of the new one that each of us choose to make.
If you feel the need to constantly challenge people to feel same way you do, ask yourself why? What do you get from it? Control? Because it’s not an open conversation you’re creating. It’s like setting a trap and trying to push someone into it. All it does is create friction and more animosity.