TAROT Reading 1 June 2015 – Selling ourselves down the river

2 coins 8 coins
7 swords
2 coins

With each accomplishment we build on our knowledge, experience and skill. As a craftsman, the years you spend and the time, honour and discipline put into a craft creates a legacy and a body of work that you can stand behind. It is the journey towards mastery and an outer expression of inner value.

But if we don’t acknowledge that value it would be all too easy for others to take advantage of that value and take the gains of the skill and craft you have been accumulating. Sometimes we watch this happen right in front of our eyes, but because we want to trust in the honour and integrity of others, we watch as the value of the craft we have mastered is sold down the river. And in that awareness and full acknowledgement of the sting of that injustice we can stay in victimhood, or we can acknowledge how we have allowed ourselves to be sold out; in the “all-out” obvious ways and also in the subtle psychic peckings of manipulation and vampirism. Either way, we allowed people to take from us.

If self worth is a muscle and we don’t exercise it, then it’s all too comfortable for us to go back into the lax of allowing others to take the credit, to rake up the value and to move on. If this keeps happening and we find ourselves kicking ourselves in the pain of realizing how we still give away our value, then it is only for us to see the depth of this unchecked programming running rampant in our lives.

When we’re not ready to acknowledge the layers of this, we convince ourselves in the justification of allowing others to take more from us than is due. We tell ourselves we want to be riding a wave of empowerment, but if modesty is forgoing our right to be counted and honoured, then guess what? Those who still operate in opportunistic patterns will be happy to smile at us and steal all our good.

The lemniscate ( sideways figure 8 ) is the symbol of infinity. It has many meanings but the one that stands out in this reading is cyclical. The character depicted in the 2 of coins holds the coins with a weary expression, one held higher than the other. There is a sense of imbalance as the rocky waters of emotion churn against the ships sailing behind him. The energy that we put out to the universe will cycle round the seasons and come back to us in due of what we are allowing to come back. If we release our value in a state of self discredit, the value that rolls back to us will reflect this, and we will feel the lull and disappointment in this cocreation. If we put our value out there and we don’t feel that the universe will receive us or willingly honour and pay for our worth, then it won’t. And we’ll have no one to look at but ourselves.

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TAROT Reading 7 April 2015

Tarot Reading 7 April 2015Pyramid Layout: 

The Emperor, The Lovers, The Hierophant, Knight of Wands, 7 Rods, Queen of Swords

Keywords: Experience as learning, Understanding the map, Beyond conflict


There’s the experience and then there’s the interpretation of the experience. There’s the knowing and there’s the interpretation of the knowing. In a sense all religion and all schools of thought, all developments in the study of human behaviour and psychology stem from the interpretation of the experience or the interpretation of the knowing. But what good is the interpretation without the experience? You could read a thousand books and quote a million passages in order to regurgitate information, but how does that make it first degree within your experience? If anything it can work against your connection to the experience.

We created the idols and the stories in order to remind ourselves of aspects of ourselves and then we allowed others to become guardians of those idols without allowing our own connection. We created the veil. We allowed ourselves to forget what we already knew, and in our ignorance allowed others take control from our insecurity.

We make understanding so damn complicated. We create ritual as a process of exploring the divine and then “dogmatize” the crap out of it. Let me break it down. There was a time when I was looking for a new tarot teacher. I rang this guy and the first vibe I felt from him was ego, dogma, limitation of expression, control and a sense of exclusivity in who he selected to teach and the way that he wanted to teach. Every cell in me felt his approach and said “Nope”. The progression that I’m looking for is not here. But…..

All roads lead to Romania

You can take the left pass or the right. You can follow set teaching and institution, or create your own. At the end of the day you have a choice to be within that experience. Sometimes we learn greatly within limitation of expression. Sometimes we learn greatly from the rebellion of limitation of expression. Sometimes we learn greatly from coming full circle and seeing how the two roads are neither better or worse than each other, but just an equal opportunity for soul growth.

Even those of us who came in, born with binds, have our role to play, explore and grow within those explorations of human limitations, whether adopted or projected onto us by others, by the very specific cultural contexts we incarnated into. We are shaped moulded and moved by our experience. We become the expression, the living breathing force of the work that we came here to do.

Those who fall outside of their tribal tradition, or cultures they were born into will feel the split of this divide between the assimilation with what they know, are shown and were born into, and the desire for their innate expression which can take a different and sometimes solo path in order to know and explore the terrain for themselves. If the teachings don’t match their required learning, there will always be conflict of spirit. And sometimes in order to develop the freedom of original thought, it requires turning away from passed down tradition. If we can centre ourselves enough within these options of the exploration of knowledge, we can begin to walk between worlds.


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TAROT Reading 16 February 2015

knight of swordsten-of-swordspage pentacles

Knight of Swords, 10 of Swords, Page of Pentacles
Keywords: Movement, Honesty with Self, Communion

Onwards and upwards. The message for the start of this week is to keep it rolling and not lose focus or motivation. Especially from personal attacks, assailants and such. Step over the shit and keep walking. Hold on to what you know, and don’t let that be confused or obscured. I just get that energy of “push through it” and hold strong will and solar plexus energy at this time, to not doubt the strength of your own force.

“I’ve got a magic charm
That I keep up my sleeve
I can walk the ocean floor
And never have to breathe”
– Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, Maya Angelou

Weirdly there’s this “stabbed in the back” theme appearing in the air this week, which is a little eerie. Watch out for jealousies, malice and ill intent. That force of will which I spoke of, will be required to not be waylaid by these less than honorable intentions of others. But also assess whether this sense of personal attack is actual or your own hyper sensitivity perceiving it as a personal attack. Either way, to move through it is to assess your own position and sense of who you are, so you’re not thrown off your centre.

“If you know where you stand
Then you know where to land
And if you fall it won’t matter
Cuz you’ll know that you’re right”
– When The Pawn, Fiona Apple

This theme of knowing where you stand and working through the layers of it is needed to keep our momentum. That clarity provides us the confidence to move on. It’s also encouraging us to be strong when encountering what arises for us in self reflection. “Is this who I want to be? Is this what I wish to be?”

This is another layer of shadow work appearing mid week. What are we ready to put to rest? What are we ready to let die? Is it time for that aspect of ourself to consciously and determinedly fall away? Is there any life left living in it? Where in ourselves do we truly find life? What is the source of that life?

The end of the week then signals a return to innocence, purity, clear intention, wonder and grace. The lightness is granted once we’ve purged the mid week introspection. There’s a strength reborn in solidarity (which I define as unification within the self, as opposed to seeking that unification from others) and this in itself is also another defining theme of the week. Who are you when you are with others and who are you when you are by yourself? Is there a disparity when the core of who you are is not fully developed or relying on the confidence or identification of others? How can you learn to feel at ease with or without them?

“To see the world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour”
– Auguries of Innocence, William Blake


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Maurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

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Reading for week of 28 December 2014 to 3 January 2015

KEYWORDS: Individualism, Arrival, Expression of the Higher Self

10 of rods6 of pentacles 8 of rods

10 of Rods, 6 of Pentacles, 8 of Rods


“The sun will shine upon you one day
If you’re always walking your way”
– Walk don’t walk, Prince


Individualism. The one thing I would have told my younger self was to really celebrate your individualism as opposed to seeing it as a hindrance, ie feeling different, being in a state of confusion over “how do I relay my expression in this world”. What one person will call crazy, another will label genius, but it’s really challenging to digest that message when you haven’t developed enough references within yourself to “know that you know what you know”, especially at a young age because we are still susceptible to the worlds’ impression.


“They don’t know their language
They don’t know their God
They take what they’re given
Even when it feels odd”
– Twinkle, Erykah Badu


The people I looked up to were always in some ways subversive. Misfit. I loved Boy George as a kid and my parents got me one of those old school large wooden backed posters. I didn’t know he was a boy, I was 4, and Karma Chameleon was my jam. The songs are what brought this beautiful, talented, creative and in some ways extremely lonely and later, drug addicted soul to the masses. Here was somebody rocking cowboy hats and boots, Raggedy Anne plaits with drag make up and bringing it to the masses. And they loved it. The effect of what this person resonated was sooo striking. It struck a chord with millions of people around the world who saw aspects of themselves in him.


As a teenager and young adult I would admire the people I met who I felt “owned” their “difference”. It was a sense of admiration but at the same time, the limiting thought of “oh yo, I’d never have the courage to be that individual”. And yet something weird happens with the passage of time. The things that really seemed like such an obstacle you don’t really give a shit for. It’s like you wake up and you realize, oh I’ve integrated that fear or pain.


Picasso had some quote, it was like “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” Another quote “It takes a long time to become young”, and on painting he offered, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Arguably the most famous / influential artist of the last century, here was a man who felt comfortable in pajamas as day wear, and would from time to time accessorize with a flower behind his ear.


I’m not triumphing “show off-ness”, although really nothing wrong with that. It’s enjoyable, people like being entertained, the world needs entertainment. It’s just sometimes a person comes through, and they are holding the seed of a message that humanity needs, and the perfect vehicle for them to carry it into the world will be in the form of their EXACT individualism. Like who that person is, what makes them, the time and the place that they come into, will be the PERFECT divine lay up. What they are bringing through will be delivered and it’s the PERFECT come across.


And yet as much as we can herald these people who we’ve celebrated in the public eye for their individualism, it probably came at a cost. And a cost that in some way, regardless of what we know of their back story, only they will know, cause they were the ones who lived their experience, who “took the blows and did it their way”. That is in essence what the “cost to the be the boss” is. How many folks give up on something when they are younger because it felt too hard to hold that expression of identity against the crushing weight of ridicule of individualism. We judge and ridicule and cringe at others but secretly wish we had the freedom to express ourselves as openly. To hold your place of reference or your sentinel out posting when what you’re expressing isn’t popular or “held” by others and at worst attacked and violated.


“you know, we look at Bob Marley, you know, and we say Ok, let’s just grow locks and wear the clothes and have the band and we have no .. idea how many years of struggle and pain and suffering that made that content.
-Lauryn hill on discussing Bob Marley, MTV Unplugged


I was flipping through my phone and the following I wrote over a year ago rings true within this message: You are connected to higher self when you are sincere and willing to see the truth, without trying to distort it from the mind or force the answer. Or force an understanding before it’s time has arrived. And understanding can never be forced, its an adjustment, that happens for everybody in their own way and time. What somebody could have been telling you repeatedly for the last year, might only start to make sense to you tomorrow.


This will be the last update at present, as what began as a weekly forecast has evolved into a different format of information exchange. I feel next year it will be more likely that I will be relaying it in essay/thematic format, and the timelines for this delivery will be less locked in, more spontaneous, and not so much “channeled on a treadmill”. Or maybe I’ll just skip words, bypass the mind and start channeling light language. Can’t always get it via the intellect. (I’m joking……… sort of)


But in any case information will still be shared on my website and blog, so thank you to all those who have given positive feedback.

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Reading for week of 21 December to 27 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Quality, Your Offering

page of pentacles6 of cups 10 of pentacles

Page of Pentacles, 6 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles

Some things are worth waiting for and they don’t necessarily work on our version or expectations of time. But something of quality is worth the wait.


If we look back over our year and there were things that didn’t necessarily happen the way we would have liked them to, or they didn’t come to fruition, 2014 might not have been the year for it. Other things may have been laid in the foundations.


Quality can’t always be forced in that sense. It’s the same way that wisdom is acquired. It requires life, life experience, living, the passage of time, the surrendering of the demands of the ego and the egos expectation of where things should be at.


We put “New Years resolution” pressure on ourselves that “the goal is to manifest such and such”. Bucket lists. Indeed quality of life experience can be derived from setting those goals and “ticking” off that list.


My point is, there is a way to work with manifestation where you experience the quality of all your life experiences , by setting intent of what you wish to transpire without attachment to the “when and how”, but you hold onto the “feel” and the ideal of the quality this manifestation would bring into your life. And like a fine wine, you allow it to age and develop to be experienced at the right time, whether it’s 2015 or beyond


In this way we can always approach life with wonder at the mystery as opposed to becoming disheartened or impatient. We do ourselves the disservice when we don’t recognize the miracle we already experience. This also connects to the idea of the soul really being the one in charge, as opposed to the ego. But they don’t have to be in “versus”. The soul can be like the parent within us that we tune into to reassure the tantrum-throwing ego part of ourselves, to say that “yes everything is on course, I got it set up beautifully for your growth this time around”. “You’ll attain the quality from this experience”.


“Love Others Value Earth”, as my friend Mr Weaver has coined. Regardless of what we think we have or don’t have to offer, and regardless of whether we feel people are open to receive our offering, when it comes from our hearts then it’s always of value, whether we perceive it as “hitting the mark” or not. We can’t always really know how our presence and lives impact others. But maybe it’s for us then to just trust that it means well, and that it has its appreciation, and it can just be individually, from us, exactly what we have to give. Your offering will be different to mine, or perhaps similar, but it’s from your heart and mine is from mine. Let’s not discredit our offering to this world. Let alone the power of a blessing to someone in our minds.


Your gifts can develop at different stages in your life.


People talk about doing their life’s work, and trying to get to a place where they feel they are doing their life’s work. And the theme for this reading seems to be about “quality” and the passage of time. The real goods, like the real golden stuff, maybe you will integrate that at age 12, or age 35, or 104 , and then you could write this amazing book that will change people’s views on education, or have the idea for some screen play that will be developed into something major, or you’ll go back to school inspired out of some experience way down the track, and then everything that led you to that point in your life will be framed in a new context and just “click” and make sense to you in a way that it couldn’t have before because it wasn’t “seasoned” , it was still in development. And the more we allow this and understand this process , we can take the pressure off ourselves to already have to be in that place of “the pinnacle of success, purpose and meaning”. ( Trumpets sound, angels sing)


You might have to wander this world for many more moons in order for certain things to make sense to you and grant you that knowing and perspective that activates the ushering in of the opportunity to birth or channel into this world your unique contribution that you came to bring. It may not even be some epic thing. It could be simply and profoundly the love you were able to give to somebody. But that allowing of the passage of time, the journey and the development of our souls is all part of the mystery. And I personally don’t like spoilers. So I for one am happy to wait and see. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hugs, Merry Xmas / Hanukkah/ Festive Season y’all.

Reading for week of 14 December to 20 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Crossroads, Grace, Guides

the devilace of cups six of swords

The Devil, Ace of Cups, 6 of Swords

“Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know?”
– Theme from Mahogany, Diana Ross


Ok this week we’re setting it off with a Diana Ross classic ladies and gentlemen. Sorry “they” don’t always give me cooler songs to quote. The theme of this week is about using fear as a reference point. Becoming familiar with our “underworld” ( metaphysically speaking). El diablo is looking at us with a face of a messenger. He’s asking, “is this what you want for yourself?” Stop and observe.


It’s forcing us to look at stuff about ourselves and our actions that we don’t want to look at or even bring into the conscious mind. The ickyness. Our addictive patterns. Our sabotage. The deeper unconscious levels of it. It’s creating a pause in progression in order to be forced to peer into the darkness. Do you like what you see there or what you’re going to find? How long can it remain unconscious for? What sense memory is too painful to integrate? Where in the past did you just move on and sweep things under the rug cause you weren’t equipped to deal with those painful feelings at the time? What parts of yourself still need to be accessed and unlocked?


There are things we can only understand about ourselves by going into our darkness. Things that relate to us, and tell our story. Privately.


Through this process we’ll actually be able to see when we were “thrown a bone” and the hand of grace allowed events to transpire; people that came into our lives or opportunities that arose that in some ways really did save our behinds. Then you start to get a sense that there is a tapestry to this disorder and chaos. That there always is some hand that is reaching out to us even when it is that dark and we can’t feel it there to hold. Yet in subtle ways, it can be aligning and lining up events that occur that really do give you the opportunity to change your course.


Think back on people that came into your life that were life savers. There’s always been that force that’s been like “hang in there, I’ll grant you this to get through it”. Without that redemptive influence, who knows how things could have turned out? And it can be so slight that you barely noticed how it helped you out.


Certain things you had to walk away from, because that was a requirement on a soul level. It may have been out of survival. When growth is halted, leaving a situation is a means of survival. It might not have been pretty, and left a weird unresolved feeling, but it could have been the only life affirming thing that you could have done at that time. The reasons don’t always have to be clear, but sometime it’s felt, and you gotta find the exit. Once you have some distance and life experience you can start to understand why the situation was so unhealthy or stifling or toxic. Or even dangerous. And where would you be now if you had stayed in that space?


It’s uncomfortable to think about isn’t it? But grace plays a part in this mix, and it always does, no matter how angry and alone and lost we may feel. If you look back you’ll see where it saved your ass. And sometimes that grace is just that spark in you that says “I gotta do better”, or “I’ve got to change this somehow”

Reading for week of 7 December to 13 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Departures, Grounding, Peace

Eight_of_Cups_3 rods  two-of-cups

8 of Cups, 3 of Wands, 2 of Cups


Departures and letting go sets the mood this week. A sense of it being difficult at first, then by mid week more of an adjustment to the new lands you find yourself in. I liken it to when you start a new school as a child or teenager. At first there’s a sense of disorientation in the acclimatization to the new locale. But then as time progresses you begin to ground yourself with the new reference points and an acceptance of where you find yourself now. There is a progression on the inner journey (water/emotion) and a clearing with this which will bring in a new wave of creativity ( 3 – rods/fire /drive). But it will be driven from groundedness and a desire to explore these new frontiers after the emotions of feeling “lost”, “alone” or “unsettled” have dissipated.

Something via this process of walking away or forging your own path will ground you and make your feet firm/ give you a firm place to stand, and renewed inner authority. We are toughening up. It’s the heart chakra and the root chakra working together. This means the heart is calling us forward on our journey and we are learning to feel safe/trust and feel grounded within ourselves to trust where our heart is guiding us, and this progression is paving the way for the new year.

Sometimes clarity can only be reached through surrendering the old ties and finding our own paths. And that can be scary when we have been in the comfort of the familiar.

It’s a personal journey we are undertaking, whether it’s moving away from people or just the actions that don’t serve us anymore. It’s personal and sacred to us. We gotta do our own inner work

The end of the week feels lighter and more resolved. We may be feeling that we’re more in a state to share our experiences with others again, and perhaps a bit more outer and social, compared to the start of the week. It may also represent new meetings and connections. A chance to start afresh.

Reading for week of 30 November to 6 December 2014

KEYWORDS: Time Travel, Restructure, Heart Openings

strength temperance the chariot

Strength, Temperance, The Chariot

There’s this beautiful feeling of unity coming into this week. A strong sense of structure, tidiness, reorganization. A reordering of our personal affairs. It’s out of the chaos and into the reformation


“And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the builder reshape a new world”
– My law, Tieme Ranapiri


Past present and future are lining up. This creates a fluidity of connection between our states of being along these time lines. This is calling in a unity of being within all stages of our life measured through time. And as a result this week, we are going to feel the totality of all of it. You ready for this one?


“I’m looking at the picture again
I spin the sundial to expectation
20 years ago, I saw you yesterday”
-Paper doll, PM Dawn


Collectively we are going through the great balance. Temperance is the state of balance, an angel floating above a pool of emotion, yet grounded at the same time with its large red wings, not losing connection to the earth. The triangle on its chest denoting the balance of mind, body, spirit. There is a call to really grounding this week, spending time in nature and stretching or yoga to really assist assimilation of the expansiveness of this week. There is also an urge for cleaner diet this week, reducing sugar and alcohol, whatever you can do to “clean house”.
Dream states are going to be particularly vivid or lucid, and you may get the sense of actual connections, communications and healings occurring within the dream plane.


This triadic alignment of our perceived states of time , will allow for our sense of moving back & forth along the time line to feel even more vivid, animated, life like. The memory of an event can now be experienced in greater detail, like the heat on your skin on a warm day, or the smell of food from a family gathering, or tension and sweat running down your back at a class presentation. The sense memory is expanding, and our ability to tune in and relive these events in high definition, surround sound is accentuating. On the other end of the spectrum, the more we allow ourselves to tune into this and review our path, we’ll get the sense of /catch glimpses of our future as well, and be able to crystalize those images in our trajectory. I know it sounds odd, yet we all are capable of this ability, of sensing the totality.




The merkabah is known as the chariot and the ability to move through time and space, backwards, forwards, in and out. It is the light body around humans that aligns the mind, body and heart. You may also experience increased and sudden flooding in your heart space this week, crisis leading to sudden expansion. This is also an effect of the Mer-ka-bah ( Light-Spirit-Body) activating.

Reading for week of 23 November to 29 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Allowance, Movement

 the foolknight of swords 6 pentacles

The Fool, Knight of Swords, 6 of Pentacles

New beginnings ushered in for the start of the week. A clear slate to work with . A chance to be back in the natural ebb and flow of life. Heaviness of the mental energy of the previous week has lifted. The sense of trust and reassurance has returned or at least the willingness to give trust another go with a renewed sense of hope and optimism. Life can appear a lot sunnier if we choose for it to be and flow with the natural order, rather than resisting the climate we find ourselves in. It’s a reminder to embrace the natural order and “fly by the seat of our pants”. The more baggage we can drop the lighter the load for us to carry and the more we can play with the adventure. The last week was teaching us flexibility and release of control and we shifted our perceptions of ourselves within each situation. Serenity, grace, wonder and abandonment of the need to make everything so difficult, complicated or hold onto the idea of it all being such a challenge. We are being shown just how easily we can adapt if we let go of our control freak and drop into deeper trust that we are truly supported in our journey.


So now that we’ve got our confidence back let’s charge ahead, rekindling our process orientation without need to be hung up on the outcomes, as we allow ourselves a deeper sense of trusting the journey and not resisting or cursing our setbacks, or the things we identify as setbacks. Again as we had taken the time to be in reflection last week, it allowed us to see that life moves in divine harmony and flow when we don’t go into the fear or mental resistance of how we believe things have to operate in order for us to be progressive or successful. We’ve allowed ourselves the opportunity to stop judging where we feel we’re at on the path, by sharpening our intention of where it is we say we wish to go and then being in allowance of the easiest and quickest route to take us there. Swords reappearing shows renewed mental clarity and a sense of integration in order to take action again. When the intention is strong and clear it can allow manifestation to occur a lot faster. Allow it to come in season.


The hardships and the lack of flow allow time for reflection of where the laws of giving and receiving are out of balance within us. Our greatest asset is our willingness to be compassion with our journey and the struggles others go through, releasing our judgements, as we may not be aware of the soul journey and learning we and our loved ones are on. As my dad always likes to quote:


“Life is mainly froth and bubble
Two things stand like stone
Kindness in another’s trouble
Courage in your own”
– Adam Lindsay Gordon


Patience, love and compassion. Gratitude for our life and for the progression of our life is a real and powerful amplifier of the heart portal energy. Tithing and giving back, and knowing ourselves us worthy to receive maintains equilibrium.


Life is a state of grace when we are not attached to the implications of the turn of events but can stay adaptable to change and centred within the knowing of who we are, what we represent and wish to create.

Reading for week of 16 November to 22 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Perspectives, Observation, Expression

9 swords  hanged man3 swords

9 of Swords, The Hanged Man, 3 of Swords

Looks like an introspective week cause there’s lots of swords-air in this reading and the hanged man at mid week suggests shifts in perspective, changing your view of the situation and also really just hanging out within it as the observer. Noticing things a little more closely. Observing patterns and behaviors, your own and other peoples. A little bit of “stopping time” or “freeze framing” to get the details or the clues of the situation that you might have missed before. Acquiring these pieces of thought.


When I see 9 of swords , it denotes to me inner worries, anxieties, our waking up in stress in the middle of the night like the figure in the card. What’s been playing out in the mind? What’s waking you up with restless sleep? Are you getting that foot twitch of adrenalin? Situations that can’t be solved rationally with your current perspective, or lack there of. And that’s why the hanged man at mid week makes sense, it beckons that inner pull to really observe self within the situation. It’s that “stop and think”, as opposed to react. How have I created the situation?


12 (the hanged man) 1 + 2 = 3
Represents using creative (3) problem solving to unwrap / unbind yourself from the problem. It’s like being a lawyer and analyzing the evidence of the case, taking inventory of all the information to come up with a creative solution. But sometimes all it takes is just a shift in thinking to get the light to switch on, and then you can say “oh that’s how I can make this thing work”. “Bingo”


3 is again a theme at the end of the week ( as well as featuring as a common denominator of the previous cards “9” and “12”) with 3 swords piercing through a blood red heart.

“Express yourself, you’ve got to be you, babe
Express yourself, and let me be me”
– Express Yourself, Salt n Pepa


So the end of week is really what blocks your heart from being in it’s creative expression and keeps you in grey. Here we have a vibrant heart full of potential and passion and yet thoughts of limitation are keeping it in pieces and not knowing the fullness of love as it’s expression


“Thoughts of love are in your mind
Yet splintered hopes push them aside.
A look at life is what you need to try”
– Girl Blue, Stevie Wonder


Use your creative force to unravel yourself from this thought/ belief limitation which has created the grey, dulled down reality you experience as a mirror of what you’ve created inside of you. As within, so it reflects on the out. The heart is the portal of manifestation. And if thought forms are piercing it and keeping it enmeshed, then you are denying the fullness of the heart’s manifesting power; to create happiness in your day to day, jobs, families, relationships. It’s the causality of what you believe about yourself your environment and what is possible for you to have. You’ll find that it also somehow runs parallel to your self esteem and self worth. As a parallel to what you believe you can have and are worthy of having.


When we we’re not listening to our passion and attempting to walk our path of dharma (purpose in life), we’ll suppress our expression (throat problems) and this can lead to living in the victim archetypes; sabotaging relationships, rebelling our work situations and families, because we’re not expressing in an authentic, aligned way. Ultimately it’s you keeping the swords through your heart. It’s nobody else’s fault boo.