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Some appreciated feedback I’m sharing . Mind you this session was by phone 📲 . Pls know we are still in operation and taking all measures to ensure a sanitized working environment. But Skypes / Zooms / phone sessions have and will continue to be in operation at The Disconnect Healing Space. Drop in or dial in, we do the work. Thank you 🙏🏻 this has been your PSA .

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Who are we to say what’s real?

Identity. Where do you find it? How does it function in your life? Do you feel your sense of who you are within connection with others? Is that the truest expression of it? Are all the cycles we go through, the beginning, middle and ending of the connections we form, and each version of ourselves we find ourselves playing and portraying in them, the realest and the truest?⠀

Do I have to be contrived and performed in order to see and understand when I’m being real and authentic? Can my lack of self awareness at times also be authentic if I don’t fully know who I am? Because if I’m just being myself, or if I think I’m being myself, then isn’t this then the authentic me? Whether I realize it isn’t or I don’t? Until I become the next version of me that I feel I need to portray myself as, in that space and time.⠀

Who are we to say what’s real or not in someone’s personality? We may be able to recognize the conflict within a person that contributes to the portrayal they have of themselves, and yet for them and the space they are in, this is the truest form of their expression and where they feel comfortable in identifying themselves. ⠀

Be gentle with yourself as you unravel, when you don’t yet understand but can feel yourself changing. No one is locked into any set representation of themselves. ⠀

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The Subconscious

The subconscious mind is like a door you go through to access⠀

The more you can access it to put things in or reprogram it, the more you are also opening it to access what’s stored there.⠀

So if there are things stored there that have been locked away, does that contribute to why you have only so much access to it ? For example current access being 5%? 10%? 20%?⠀

The question then becomes for what reason is it locked or stored away ?⠀

If you clear / make it ok to access what’s stored and what the reason was for locking access to the subconscious mind, then surely it becomes easier also to access / reprogram it.⠀

It may then also mean that the information stored / locked away there starts to trickle back into conscious memory / awareness⠀

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Evangelis: Heaven and Earth

Through silence and reflection we are able to tune in to information and understanding that goes beyond the limitations of the ideas we’ve already conceived. ⠀

Sometimes we must step outside of ourselves and the noise of the world around us, the opinions, the drama, the chaos and clutter in our circle, so that we can access these silent moments. Where we are left alone with our thoughts and the space between our thoughts. We also have to be willing to give ourselves that opportunity to be with the space between our thoughts, because the world around us and the people in it might not necessarily enable that space, until we are drawn to seek it. Then we can receive space for clarity, emptiness of mind, and detach from concerns that may not necessarily feel representative of us, even though they create a lot of “story” with the people around us. Whether this is story in the home, the neighborhood, the wider community or a national / global level. ⠀

When we create space we can access our own knowledge and knowledge from source, which is a different type of authority. When we on some level feel that the authority figures around us may not necessarily hold all the answers for us, it’s not because they are lacking in their own understandings, but it’s because there are certain understandings that we will seek to know for ourselves first hand, in the development of our minds and thoughts. And through seeking to understand things in our own way. ⠀

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Resolute Arrow Pt 2

Resolute Arrow <visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace for more original works>⠀⠀

Identity sometimes is like a two way street. It’s what we set ourselves up to be and represent and then it’s also the way the universe and people respond to it. Our expression of who we are has inherent meaning for us and then what we represent to others means something for them. ⠀

Sometimes our identity can be a very strong fixture or representation for other people. If we have solid presence and form, it’s going to create a more visceral response in others. The more definition we bring or inhabit, the stronger or more defining that response will feel to others. Once this is cemented in some ways it’s not really to be escaped but just to be examined, the relationship between self and others, the representation of self for others and the role that we were born to play. ⠀

Is it comfortable for us to be in our power with a sense of strength and definition, creating strong alchemical reaction for others? To be sharp, formed, defined, resolute and straight to the point energetically speaking. When there’s nothing vague in the sense of who we are, then others are left to deal with the strong formation and what that makes them feel. ⠀

An arrow is unwavering. It’s pointed and it’s designed to hit its mark. It’s sharp and created so that it moves with speed and focus. Yet this piece also represents softness and the desire to cultivate beauty, harmony and healing. The two can work together. ⠀

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Resolute Arrow

Resolute Arrow <visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace for more original works>⠀

Reason creates motivation. And everything we action and work towards is connected to that sense of purpose. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. That’s what gets us to show up, to work on a project, to see it through to completion, to care about the goods and services that we provide for in society. It’s also the thing that maintains motivation so we don’t throw things in when we can’t be bothered.⠀

The other thing that connects us to that motivation and sense of fulfillment is knowing who we are. If we know who we are, what our purpose and the reason that we do what we do, then we will find aspects of that purpose even in the mundane steps and things we need to take care of that allow for us to experience the more fulfilling parts of our work. That commitment to each part of it is cementing our intention that we are in the game and interested in what we do. ⠀

Whatever you draw from as your sense of purpose and action in this world allows you to be the bridge between the non physical to the physical. ⠀

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Connection – Where do you not feel it?

Does the disconnection in your relationships reflect the disconnection you have with yourself? The parts of self where you form connection. ⠀

Recently someone read my bio, the summary I use to describe my work. He asked me, why do you flip between different pronouns when you write? The answer I could come up with is because when we tune in, when we go inwardly, we don’t experience the difference between “I” and “we”. They are one and the same. They become inconsequential.⠀

When I work with people, I often start speaking in first person as I’m guiding their narrative, again as if it’s one and the same. The spirit doesn’t really distinguish the difference. It’s like when we watch a film and we cast ourselves in the narrative of the lead protagonist. Our story becomes theirs and theirs ours.⠀

So when I ask where do you feel the disconnection, is it to others or self? Are they in essence one and the same?⠀

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