House Clearings

From time to time people will contact me because they feel there is some sort of presence in their home. Weird things will start to happen, or they might feel something a little dark in their room, they might experience nightmares, or things moving around the house.

When I approach a house clearing, I always look at the story or narrative that I feel is transpiring in the space. I believe that there is always a reason a person will have this experience. By this I mean, whatever story I feel is happening with the ghost or spirit or situation in the home, somehow it will be a lesson for the individual/s in that home, and there will have a correlation to their own life story as well.

What we really want to do is shift the vibration. Shift and raise the vibration in the home, as well as the energy of the people living in that home. I become like a psychic detective, sensing and bringing to the surface whatever needs to be addressed, and then working out whatever ritual needs to take place, to completely transform the energy in the space, so that the ghost or entities will leave permanently.

If you’re having issues in the home, I’m happy to have a short discussion with you about your situation and how I may be of service in clearing the problem.

House Clearings vary in prices, depending on the severity of the issue, but generally cost around $500 for between 3-4 hours of work.


Contact Maurice 0403837690 or for more info