Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine / OCTOBER 2015

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove, sandalwood and lime oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works with:

  • Reaching conclusions or destination
  • Connection to the plant kingdom and the deva
  • Balance of masculine / feminine with focus on the yin
  • Balance of action and being
  • Stimulates
  • Lion energy: The strength to follow your heart
  • Water / Kidney & Bladder Meridian
  • Egyptian / Priestess
  • Cooling off overstimulated fire / excess yang
  • Quan Yin

Assists with sensing and allowing the way the feminine can support the masculine in order for the masculine to reciprocate the exchange of energy. Divine Union, nurturing and balance. Allows for the masculine to drop into the nurturing of the feminine and open to it in order to create harmony and balance.

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Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine


Medicine Wheel


The Medicine Wheel is traditionally of native people of the americas, representing the four cardinal points; north, south, east, west, the four elements; fire, air, earth, water, the four races; black, white, red and yellow, and in terms of healing the four bodies; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The balance of these and seeing ourselves as keeping the balance of these planes in order to maintain vibrant health as creators of our reality and at the mid point, “the centre of the wheel”.
From a shamanistic perspective if one were to have too much water, emotional energy, one could drown themselves without grounding this energy in earth in a practical way. To move beyond this stagnation, they would then seek to draw upon their ideas and philosophy ‘air’ and use their ‘fire’ inspiration, creativity to bring their expression into the world and at the same time align their four planes of reality; their mental body, emotional body, spiritual body and physical body, creating a perfect and effortless balance and alignment within their lives.
The wheel is to empower and remind ourselves that we are the source of our power. It comes from us, and it attributes back to us in how we balance the different areas of our lives. The areas we avoid development of affect the whole and create a counter balance, just as a slipped disc or impacted vertebrae has the potential to throw out the entire spine and affect other parts of the body through neural connection. The wheel is essentially the interconnectedness of all life.
Inner hoop 17 inches
Mid hoop 25 inches
Outer hoop 31 inches
Brazilian Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Howlite, Caramel glass beads, feathers, yarn

Energies this piece works with: Transformation, Self Love, Self Appreciation, Renewal, Divine Feminine, Elegance


Swan – Grace, Self Esteem, Evolution
Coyote – Adaptability, Shape Shifting, Trust


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