Debates, duality and going beyond conflict when there are differences in ideology

The interesting thing with debate and lively topical conversation is that whenever we talk in groups about the world there will almost invariably be differences in opinion and not everyone will see eye to eye no matter how homogeneous the group appears to be. Schools of thought have historically flourished on this principle of questioning understanding, and when the drive has been the progress and illumination of all minds as opposed to the domination and conquering of ideological resolution from the ego, great strives and advances in concept through the sharing of ideas have been made. The synergy of blended viewpoints work as catalysts from each individual to another to develop an expansion of understanding. Even “friendly competition” from the sparring of 2 like minded academics bouncing ideas off each other in the encouragement of each other’s improvement can be an example of debate being utilized in its highest progression. The ascension of consciousness for all involved.

Where the concept of debate has been altered or lowered is where the energy and intent, conscious or not, is focused primarily on the domination of one mind over another, or many.  The alternative being the shared injecting of ideas and opportunity for response and allowance of rebuke or questioning from another with respect to the individual. When there is denial or blocking of differences in thought, or the need to crush another’s ideology, it creates a resistance that no longer supports the discovery and the unlocking of potential understanding that could result from the intertwinement of 2 or more strands of consciousness. This in turn can create very base or dualistic forms of communication, where expression is no longer “held” but “defended”, as if an expression is almost expectant of a counter attack as opposed to a counter progression.

Our conditioning has formed this attack/defend mode of expression from a young age. The more we can respect and honor individuality the more we can return to this allowance of expression where we have the opportunity to really hear the message someone else is carrying, sometimes beyond the words they are using.



Maurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

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Eclipse DreamCatcher with 3 tails


The lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly into the earth’s shadow and trails it way from partial covering of light to full cloaking in the earth’s shadow and back out the other side again. Often it will turn a red colour because the sun’s light will pass through the earth’s atmosphere to reach it.


Energetically the lunar eclipse is a time of intense emotion drawn to the surface and felt by many. As the masculine principle of the sun and the feminine principle of the moon are on opposing sides of where we stand, the earth, we feel the pull of these polarities more strongly than at other times and as a result any waves of conflict and polarity within us and our world become more recognised and pronounced.


The 3 tails here represent the trinity. 3 is a prime creative number and represents trinity, the produce of the duality of 2, and the results of this merging. As in mother and father producing child. The masculine principle of the sun and the feminine nurturing of the moon orbiting ourselves as children of the earth. It is the bursting forth of creative expression represented in the sacral and pronounced to the world through the throat.


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