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Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine / OCTOBER 2015

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove, sandalwood and lime oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works with:

  • Reaching conclusions or destination
  • Connection to the plant kingdom and the deva
  • Balance of masculine / feminine with focus on the yin
  • Balance of action and being
  • Stimulates
  • Lion energy: The strength to follow your heart
  • Water / Kidney & Bladder Meridian
  • Egyptian / Priestess
  • Cooling off overstimulated fire / excess yang
  • Quan Yin

Assists with sensing and allowing the way the feminine can support the masculine in order for the masculine to reciprocate the exchange of energy. Divine Union, nurturing and balance. Allows for the masculine to drop into the nurturing of the feminine and open to it in order to create harmony and balance.

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Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine


Lunar Essence in ARIES

Lunar essence in ARIES / SEPTEMBER 2015

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cedarwood and may chang oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works on:

  • The trinity / Mother father & child
  • Letting go
  • De stress
  • Frontal lobes / emotional expression
  • Crown chakra
  • Unity consciousness
  • Next generation of souls to come to the earth ( rainbow / diamond )
  • Connection to what they will be bringing in
  • Purity
  • Paradise on earth
  • The future

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lunar essence aries lunar essence aries

Embryonic Code

for more original works, visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace.com for more original works, visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace.com
for more original works, visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace.com

for more original works, visit us @ thedisconnecthealingspace.com

Keywords: embryo, formation, structure, evolution, matching, interconnection, healing the womb, seed of life
Diameter: 21 inches
Materials: yarn, wire, striated quartz
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5 feather Teal DreamCatcher

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com
for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com

17 inches in diameter. Handwoven with yarn

Teal Pheasant Tail Feathers, beading, rondelle beads

Energies this piece holds: Heart Magnetism, Pulling in greater attraction from the heart space, 5 element theory / Balance of fire, wood, water, metal and earth. Protection of sacred and hidden realms and portals. Gatekeepers and accessing permission to cross into protected realms.


Pheasant Medicine: Attraction, Love, Discernment with Expression / Timing of Expression

Lizard Medicine: Dreamtime, Access into Realms, Perception of Realities


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Integration of the Divine Masculine Essence


  • Connect, integrate and merge with the divine masculine
  • Heal wounding around relationship with the father
  • Invoke the spirit of the father for those who felt lack of connection
  • Heal ancestral lines on the male lineage
  • Heal feelings of disconnection from the brotherhood
  • Feel safe and supported by men
  • Support feelings of unity and reciprocity with men
  • Assist in release of blocked or repressed anger
  • Activate rites of passage
  • Nurture and allow vulnerability
  • Give self permission to release ‘armour’
  • Heal abuse inflicted by men
  • Clear belief systems of victimization in relation to men and all negative held beliefs about men
  • Release all feelings of helplessness in the heart
  • Freedom of expression
  • Forgiveness
  • Honouring self

Oils in blend:

  • Vetiver
  • Black pepper
  • Bay oil
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Rosemary
  • Patchouli

Tumble stones in essence bowl:

  • White jade / Protection, Wisdom, Channeling
  • Hematite / Grounding, Reliability, Optimism, Balance of mind body and spirit
  • Bulls eye (red tigers eye) / Health, Vibrancy, Integrity, Power
  • Green goldstone / Energy Generator, Courage, Positive Attitude, Drive
  • Ametrine / Unites Masculine and Feminine, Unites higher knowledge with will

Cards and other elements included:

Tarot deck / Masculine Archetypes:

  • The magician
  • The fool
  • The hermit
  • King of wands, swords & pentacles
  • Knight of wands, swords, pentacles & cups
  • Page of pentacles
  • 2 of rods
  • 5 of cups

Ascended masters deck:

  • Lady nada: unconditional acceptance
  • Lord St Germain: freedom
  • Master Djwal Khul: removal of fear
  • Master Orkan: courage

Anubis oracle:

  • Anubis opener of the way

Essence sprays also contain crystal chips in each bottle and were gridded and activated on the new moon in taurus, may 2015. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

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integration of the divine masculine essence

integration of the divine masculine essence

integration of the divine masculine essence

Buffering the divine masculine

Certain souls choose to anchor the energy of the divine masculine for the collective. Part of that process is buffering on an energetic level the fear and hatred of the integrated masculine, which is the balance of the yin aspect as well as the yang within all men. This is the energetic upheaval we’ve witnessed over the last century in relation to the redefinition of masculinity.

As certain souls agree to hold the integration of this for the collective, they often take the brunt of this “war” within their own life story, experiencing the volatility of this collective growth/transition and providing omission on the collective level of some of the heavier karmic debt / interference . Even being allocated to certain areas of the globe to incarnate into. This is all part of soul level agreement, and the energy of the location they have agreed to hold collective integration for. None of this is by accident. The challenges they will face will be directly attributed to the vibration of the consciousness they are working with.

buffering the divine masculine

The challenge is transmuting this energy into forgiveness and collective healing when having experienced abuse directed by the old masculine draconian archetypes, and the fear of the feminine that they possess. Not everyone makes it, or has made it. Many of the souls that agreed to be part of this collective healing of the masculine over the course of history were put to death, or were so psychically damaged that they chose to opt out, either consciously or not, of their human incarnation.

And so the next wave incarnated, and the next after them. And each wave carried the integration of the collective divine masculine a step further. Holding space for their brothers. Resonating a new vibration of understanding of masculinity. The ability to be vulnerable, the ability to share affection and kindness with other men, releasing the need to gain power by taking it from others, moving beyond the survival warrior archetypes of the old forms of masculinity. Encouraging other men to embrace their feminine. Even just by being who they are and resonating their level of awareness of the balance of masculine and feminine energy within the male form. It takes strength and a great deal of love to hold that vibration for the collective. It means those souls personally will experience a buffering of the collective energies that are in resistance of this union and integration of the divine masculine. Experiencing and holding the energies of shame, fear, guilt, humiliation, hatred, attack and repression within their fields as they are buffered for the collective. Eventually transmuting them and sharing that alchemy for the collective.

A lot of this work had been about laying the foundation for future generations, even the coded imprints within our genetics that are handed down through our ancestors, to be activated by those scions at the right time in human evolution. Their “work” isn’t recognisable in 3d reality. It’s the personal and internalized integration and alchemical process individuals who have chosen these roles undertake, working through at times extreme elevations of fear and emotional turmoil as their unique soul signatures balance out the ascension of the collective. Just as there are souls holding space for the divine masculine, so too are souls holding space for the feminine, for Gaia, for the healing of their cultural backgrounds, energies of the lands they reside in, or other cultural streams and themes that provide the opportunity for humanity’s growth.

Reiki Massage Bayside Melbourne

Maurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

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Duality Wheels DreamCatcher




Separation, division, us vs them, me vs you,
all forms under contrast
all misplaced emotion
all lack of understanding
all points of exclusion


divine masculine
divine feminine
integrate and have union with our true selves
on all levels and dimensions
integrate NOW


Top Hoop: 28 inches diameter
Bottom Hoop: 18.5 inches diameter
Both wheels are hand stitched
Yarn, wool, faceted acrylic beads and feathers
Proceeds from this piece will be donated to Honduras Croissance, an organisation which builds schools and water/sanitation plants in rural Honduras.
Please contact me direct for all enquiries


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