Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine / OCTOBER 2015

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, wintergreen, eucalyptus, clove, sandalwood and lime oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works with:

  • Reaching conclusions or destination
  • Connection to the plant kingdom and the deva
  • Balance of masculine / feminine with focus on the yin
  • Balance of action and being
  • Stimulates
  • Lion energy: The strength to follow your heart
  • Water / Kidney & Bladder Meridian
  • Egyptian / Priestess
  • Cooling off overstimulated fire / excess yang
  • Quan Yin

Assists with sensing and allowing the way the feminine can support the masculine in order for the masculine to reciprocate the exchange of energy. Divine Union, nurturing and balance. Allows for the masculine to drop into the nurturing of the feminine and open to it in order to create harmony and balance.

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Support of the Divine Feminine

Support of the Divine Feminine


Lunar Essence in ARIES

Lunar essence in ARIES / SEPTEMBER 2015

Crystal gridded under a pyramid on the night of the full moon

Vibrational essence spring water, miscellaneous crystal chips, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cedarwood and may chang oil. Packaged in 100ml Amber glass bottle with atomizer.

Themes this essence works on:

  • The trinity / Mother father & child
  • Letting go
  • De stress
  • Frontal lobes / emotional expression
  • Crown chakra
  • Unity consciousness
  • Next generation of souls to come to the earth ( rainbow / diamond )
  • Connection to what they will be bringing in
  • Purity
  • Paradise on earth
  • The future

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lunar essence aries lunar essence aries

5 feather Teal DreamCatcher

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com
for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com

for more original works, visit us @ the disconnect healing space . com

17 inches in diameter. Handwoven with yarn

Teal Pheasant Tail Feathers, beading, rondelle beads

Energies this piece holds: Heart Magnetism, Pulling in greater attraction from the heart space, 5 element theory / Balance of fire, wood, water, metal and earth. Protection of sacred and hidden realms and portals. Gatekeepers and accessing permission to cross into protected realms.


Pheasant Medicine: Attraction, Love, Discernment with Expression / Timing of Expression

Lizard Medicine: Dreamtime, Access into Realms, Perception of Realities


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Releasing markers of time

We use our perception of 3D reality as a marker and an anchor within time. The way we interact in the world, the work we undertake, our routines and stories, people, places and events, are all used by our consciousness as “pegs” or “markers” of time. What keeps us locked in 3D linear time is not the markers themselves, but our attachment to them. They keep us feeling safe within our contained perception of time.

We use the story lines and dramas and excitements and tragedies to keep us engaged in 3D dualistic linear time and dropping attachment to them means dropping the fear of existing outside of time. We’ve been programmed to be terrified of this. It’s as if we’re afraid we’ll “float away” without it.

Release the fear of existing beyond the timeline. People, events, places and stories. Again, it’s not those things that lock us into linear time, but the investment and attachment to those “markers” that keep us contained. This is not a value judgment either, as our consciousness will not allow us to perceive what we instinctively feel we can’t handle. But we seek understanding even when we don’t quite comprehend the questions that we are trying to ask.

Empaths are particularly good at keeping themselves locked into 3D reality by running the energy of the collective through their emotional/ etheric bodies and staying invested in the collective story by feeling it on such deep and profound levels. In a sense creating a choice to feel the wounds of humanity in their cells.

But at some point we’ve had enough of this. It’s energetically too much to carry, and so after observing and clearing our patterns that keep us locked into the collective, (ie the reasons why we take on collective energy as a personal experience), the last frontier becomes releasing the mindgate of time. Without an investment in the story, who would you be? And how would you sense the passage of time? What would keep you attached to 3D reality? Are you afraid of letting it go?

Enjoy the passage of time without the attachment to it. And if you’re not sure that you’re “doing it right”, assess when you are attached to an outcome within a perceived timeframe. You can aim for an outcome within a timeframe, but the attachment is what locks in 3D time.

When people are in fear of existing outside of time they try to control time, and also assert control of time on others. Industry has created the assertion of time on its employees as a means of control. When we are afraid of existing outside of this marking of time, we allow others to play the “jail warden” because they keep us in check. This being said, you can still choose to work a “9 to 5” and exist beyond the perception of time as a marker. However, you will probably be less inclined to participate as you’ll feel the desire to create in a way that doesn’t rouse a feeling of being “hemmed into time”. By dropping the compulsion to dive off the deep end, and believing that you can bridge your perception of different realities, change becomes easier and less traumatic to integrate.

time markers

Having fun and being creative takes us out of linear time. Music, art, anything where we can enjoy our expression or joyful activity will make time fly. That’s why people always say “do what you love and never work a day in your life”. It’s a reminder of our true self which is beyond time.

We can allow our physical body to interact in 3D reality, while our mental and emotional bodies can perceive and sense linear time, without fearing the detachment from it. A little exercise is to work with the following affirmations and observe what comes up for you. If you sense resistance or fear in your body, then you could possibly be holding belief systems that block you from releasing your attachment to time markers. Have a play with this process and keep it light. Allow yourself to explore how far you can take your expansion without the fear of losing yourself. Release the fear of becoming overwhelmed by this process as it is your birthright to be able to shift your consciousness and adapt.

  • “It is safe for me to release the perception of time”
  • “It is safe for me to release timelines”
  • “It is safe for me to exist outside of time”
  • “I release the attachment to time”
  • “I release the fear of losing my identity outside of time”
  • “I release the need to use people, places, events and stories as markers of time”
  • “I can perceive linear time without the attachment to linear time”
  • “I enjoy interaction in the world without attachment to it”

Reiki Massage Bayside Melbourne

Maurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

You can connect with him at http://thedisconnecthealingspace.com

Time, Space and Social Interrelation

The identification with the old forms of the personality self is likened to a snake skin that drops away. We wake up one day to the realisation that the personification and the understanding we have of ourselves in relation to the outside world no longer “feels” like a true representation of who we are and how we identify ourselves.

The shamanic path allows us the opportunity to no longer use outside reference points as identifiers of our place within reality. The fear emerges when we desperately cling to the hope of resurrecting the sense of animation between connections to places, people and roles that no longer breathe life into our reality.




Disillusion is a painful and necessary part of this process. In the contemplation of what no longer resonates, we open up new worlds of discovery that only allow us to continue when we drop the old weight of outer identifications. The further we go along this path, the more difficult it is/more effort it takes to reanimate our old connections to the outer worlds we no longer identify with. This is where we must develop the reference points within ourselves and come into our own channeled innate higher wisdom, as the theories and the available knowledge shared in our reality only serve as theory until integrated as an inner knowingness. This requires stepping beyond the veil of uncertainty and limitation into the silence. Only through that silence are we able to access the higher wisdom and understanding that gives us a sense of our bearings in this new comprehension of our reality.

The theories are only theories until we develop this inner compass. It has to be strong within us otherwise it is very easy to lose our mind between these crumbling forms of reality. Outer forms, people, places, roles, we will attempt to cling to desperately while we are “unraveling” and in the process of forming our own grounded understanding of the new limitless form we can “feel” ( consciously or not ) that we are moving towards. This struggle will exasperate if we are in the fear of losing our bearing. The ego self will literally run from this as it would appear as a death, and total annihilation of existence. And yet as in death, in the stillness of its release, after the shock and trauma it would slowly open its eyes to the awareness that it still exists within a new reality. In a sense it is death and rebirth.

Within the discovery of these new inner worlds we begin to question and relinquish our fear around our roles and relations to people. We also begin to ask the questions that grant us clarity in relation to our fears, desires, projections and expectations of others. A sense of living without need begins to form, as the reference points we felt were so ingrained in our connectedness to others, we discover already exist within us. We no longer feel the desperation to have people mirror our power and infiniteness to us, as the sense of seeking that reassurance from others reaches a state of futility and never ending insecurity. We begin to model ourselves on an existence of sharing information, compassion, openness and the free flowing facilitation of growth for ourselves and others, without expectation and attachments. The attachments become unnecessary.

A sense of freedom and joy develops as we truly begin to get a sense of enjoying this world without the fear of losing it. We can enjoy interaction with others and the peaking of shared experience without the fear of its dissipation within our sense of linear time frames. It also frees us from our fears and judgements of social obligation and the projected time frames of others, as we realise we can move between different time frames and still functionally operate within each perceived reality. It doesn’t have to equate to losing all sense of our earth bodies and sitting in a state of ecstatic bliss without return. That is again a notion based on fear and limitation of what is possible for us to experience, or a dualistic formed structure of reality. We have permission to be in the true essence of who we are in all walks of life. I AM that I AM that I AM.


MauriceMaurice Katting is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia

You can connect with him at http://thedisconnecthealingspace.com