Shamanic Healing, Grounding, Extraction, Emotional Clearing, Realignment, Integration


Hi I’m Maurice, your friendly local Shamanic Healer and Emotional Intuitive

What is it that I doimg_9873

My job is feeling and sensing blockages in people and helping them to remove them.

How does that work exactly?

Well, when you’ve been on the path for a while and you’ve studied certain modalities like branches of kinesiology, reiki and psychic development work, you begin to develop your own style of healing and psychic gifts that become your own way of reading people. You develop ways of helping them to clear out the things that they don’t need or that are stopping them in some manner. Usually it’s stuff we are blind to, or else we wouldn’t be seeking something, would we?

Think of it like a mix of counselling, energy healing and psychic reading all rolled into one.

So what sorts of things do you clear?

Pretty much anything in any area, emotional blocks, financial blocks, feeling ungrounded, stress, lack of clarity or understanding around issues. I channel information around the questions that you may have, to put things in a broader perspective, which expands you and then allows you to feel more empowered. At the end of the day, the sessions are experiential. I could try to relay what it will be like, but every person and every session is different and unique. What I will say though, is this:

I always work with what is energetically relevant at the time that I see you.

So by this, it means I am guided to the area we need to look at, heal or discuss, because that’s the correct and most beneficial focus point at that particular time, based on where you are currently in your life. Healing is about what is relevant and what resonates in the moment. And that’s what makes it magical.

Contact Maurice – 0403837690



Please note: all listed modalities are also available by phone / skype etc 

REIKI HEALING – $130 Per Hour


ENERGY HEALING – $130 Per Hour



REMOTE HEALING ( via skype, messenger or zoom ) – $130 Per Hour


Text 0403 837 690 to book your appointment




“Whenever I sense a feeling of emotional unrest and unresolved tension start to build within, I know the one thing that will help me get through it is a session (or what I like to call a spiritual healing session) with Maurice. He has a rare, calming quality that makes you feel at ease and relaxed, even when there is a storm building inside you. For those that have met him, you know exactly what I am talking about. Maurice is innately spiritual and uses his natural intuit to pick up on your energy vibration and help shift it to where it needs to be. Kind of like lifting a heavy weight off your shoulders. Maurice, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to help heal my soul and guide me back onto a good and healthy path.”

          – Julie E

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  1. A true healer and Magick Man. The depths of healing and realisation in a session with Maurice is something you cannot put into words. I will say that if you’re looking for real healing or to peel away the false layers of this existence and step back into the real you then you have come to the right person. You’ll never look back.

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