As a practitioner I provide a holistic and experiential process where you can rapidly clear blockages in the energy field, ground and reconnect the emotional body to the physical body, as well as experience energies extracted from your field that no longer serve you.


Through a combination of reiki healing, energy healing, sound, sounding tools, flower essences, and intention based shamanic ritual, I’ve designed a format of healing that works to peel back energetic layers of debris from a person’s energy field, ground them and return to them to a space of ease and solidity.


Through transforming the nervous system and allowing yourself a clear space to integrate and process, shifts can be made very quickly. Spiritual healing can affect the emotional, mental, physical and light bodies.


I’m happy to discuss your situation with you and explain the modalities I feel would be of benefit, as well as an energetic read of what is occurring in your mental, emotional, physical and light bodies



Please note: all listed modalities are available by phone / skype etc also


REIKI HEALING – $130 Per Hour


ENERGY HEALING – $130 Per Hour



REMOTE HEALING ( via skype, messenger or zoom ) – $130 Per Hour

Text 0403 837 690 to book your appointment


When the penny drops healing can be instantaneous.

My talent and particular healing gift is to read a person’s emotional body. Just like the way a gifted reader might read someone’s cards and tell them what’s in store for them I use my gift to read as well, but I direct it towards the emotions. I can sit with a person and start to express and put into a narrative the processes and the feelings and thoughts that are present in the emotional body. How those feelings are then locking themselves in as belief systems and limitations that won’t allow a person to release those feelings. I also uncover the reasons why those feelings persist and the deeper levels of acknowledgement that the emotional body is wishing to express in order for us to understand more aspects of our nature and who we are.

The reason why this gift is valuable is because a lot of those narratives are only felt as an emotion but the story lines attached haven’t been recognized. When they are put into language a light bulb goes on and the feeling of recognition of the truth of what your feelings have been trying to tell you finally gives you the space to breathe!


When these narratives in the emotional body are uncovered and brought to light consciously, this in itself instantly will create a shift. We are no longer unconscious of our emotional process. We can then consciously unburden ourselves from the trappings of emotional patterns that no longer serve us and keep us in heaviness and struggle.

Contact Maurice: 0403837690 for appointment times



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