Month: October 2014

Reading for week of 26 October to 1 November 2014

KEYWORDS: Experience, Archetypes, Flow

 the worldjudgement 10 pentacles

The World, Judgement, 10 Pentacles

Those who are seeking are encouraged to keep asking the questions and to keep intending to receive meaning. The true answer, as you’ve been waiting for. The truth that you undisputedly know as truth resonates so authentically for you to acknowledge it. Keep intending to receive the “answer” and don’t give up just because so much still hasn’t “gelled” or become evident for you. Strive for the deeper meaning as the soul will not be satisfied with the superficial answers and substitutes for resolve. I get “hang in there”. You’re not cooked til you’re cooked. Keep going with the expectation you will receive the answer.


“Shattered dreams, worthless years
Here I am encased inside a hollow shell”

– I believe (when I fall in love it will be forever), Stevie Wonder


Caroline Myss has documented in expansion of Carl Jung’s work, the four main archetypes of survival: The Child, The Victim, The Prostitute and The Saboteur. Relaying these archetypes as primarily neutral regardless of the connotation of the name, and how these energies influence our decision, whether conscious or not, in the way we navigate through the physical plane, as well as the way they affect our manifesting ability.


When we examine the archetypes within us we uncover unconscious roles of operation and programming that are extremely deep seated. We are awakening the truth of the gears we shift into when in survival mode. We are allowing ourselves to sense the way we’ve been “feeling our way through this world”. The “negative” aspects of these archetypes are activated when we are thrust into survival mode without assurances and answers. The “answers” are as much related to outcomes to problems as they are to the conflicted survival mode of operation that resonates within us from these archetypes. These are raw wounds deep within the primordial self.


“You cannot escape them
For petty or great
Or evil or noble
They fashion your fate”
My law – Tieme Ranapiri


The new earth consciousness represents the dynamics of survival shifting from centralized control to spiritual sovereignty without the fear creating an anarchic ripple effect. The true essence of anarchy was a spiritual movement and yet grounded into 3rd density reality, played out as something else. The higher principles of anarchy represented self government, trust, altruism, and the needs of all being equally valid and sacred.


The universe in essence is abundant and ever unfolding. How can one know this when they cannot perceive this as an experience within their reality? And yet this experience is allowing us the opportunity of knowing this truth in the midst of demonstrations of the complete opposite.


Reading for week of 19 October to 25 October 2014

KEYWORDS: End of cycles, cataclysm, sentience

9rods  knight-of-pentacles death-300

9 Rods, Knight of Pentacles, Death

“I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate?”
– Angels, Robbie Williams

So this week is bringing up feelings around the burdens we carry in life. How certain things may feel like “our lot in life” or how they just may have always felt like “oh that’s just my cross to bear”. It’s about our very individual and perhaps in some ways silent, hidden or vulnerable feelings about things we are carrying that we don’t necessarily talk about, even with the people that think they know us so well. It’s that silent burden of what we don’t share.

There is a heaviness in acknowledging the solitude of that weight we carry. And for each of us it’s different obviously , depending on what items we put in our shopping cart on the way through the karmic kmart. It’s the devil we know. It’s our own private dentist waiting room. It’s that secret place we would go to as a child to cry and talk to god.

Those feelings exist in a reality as real as the one that we actually acknowledge. Those feelings need to be honoured and accepted as part of the story we came in with and part of our own individual way of dealing with the story we came in with. Because it deals with our genesis. And it actually unlocks greater parts of ourselves that are still in utero, and swimming in the subconscious.

Without the suffering we wouldn’t know the extent of our humanity. We wouldn’t know our compassion and humanitarianism. This doesn’t mean martyrdom but it creates a reference point of empathy and heart space for those in suffering. And like can understand like. That knowing can sense a similar pattern and similar path in others. It’s like you could just look at someone and know their story because you can recognize your own within it.

I feel unfortunately there is more major world battles and dark stuff in the media coming up before the end of this year. There has been an extended as the late wonderful Stuart Wilde called it “Death of the world ego” carrying out for quite some time. And this “Death of the world ego” represents a collective turning away from trying to make sense and maintain control from the outer action and reproach, towards inner submission and silence. It forces us to stop talking and listen for the answers inside. And sometimes when the ego just ain’t getting it, it is forced to its knees. As a friend of mine put it “you have to tantrum to get to your core”. And the world ego is like a child in a tantrum trying desperately to maintain control and reassurance from the flux it finds itself in. From this we can all take part in extremely rapid growth and human evolution that is calling us all right in. There is nowhere left to run. Think of the word cataclysm and then the word catalyst. They both have the root word “cata” or “kata” in Greek which means down . In a sense both words refer to force that accelerates activity, changes and dissolves the current state, in a way that may appear to have a “downward” disintegrating effect. But it’s that shakeup / tantrum that takes us down into the core

Reading for week of 12 October to 18 October 2014

KEYWORDS: alchemy, playfulness, joy

10 pentacles  the suntemperance

10 Pentacles, The Sun, Temperance

“Children of the sun
See your time has just begun
Searching for your way
Through adventures everyday”
– Mcog theme song

This week is about “wearing the crown”, the regality, the power and the “deserving” of the crown. When you can love yourself enough, you can allow yourself to hold this self acknowledgement consistently and continually, as opposed to just trying it on every once in a while. It’s about setting the intention to allow that energy to radiate all the time.

So many of us destroy our manifestation ability from a deep rooted sabotage of lack of self worth/ self esteem and the energy of DESERVING . The crown represents the permission to wield that power as part of your physical embodiment on earth.

Carried forth from the transformative energies of last weeks eclipse brings a new tide of refocus and self development. It is summoning the desire to arrive at the root and the source of things, not just the complacency of staying in the pattern of how things are, or the way we create, but a deeper desire to know thyself and how our current inner alchemy is creating our worlds. Where the deviation originates from in regards to the path we would choose to take to arrive at the fulfillment of our goals and our potential if the sabotage wasn’t so deeply embedded.

We are being shown an acknowledgement of the work we have done to better ourselves, our prosperity and relationships. It’s a sense of return on our investment, “fruits of our labour” so to speak, from working through the fear or doubts of the last few weeks as to whether we were even making any progress in our lives. Confidence is coming in the form of physical manifestation.

So much of the stress and negativity/ tribal sabotage energy stems from the loss of innocence and the entrenchment of survival fear, which blocks the central sun energy of abundance for all; joy, playtime, gratitude, downtime, prayer, meditation, recreation and stillness/oneness . This week try to remove yourself from the judgement of each other’s process, those who are responding in fear and those who may be operating without constraint in a way which may not make sense to you. Fear may be teaching some very specific lessons and we each integrate in very individual ways. Bless the chaos you see represented as an upheaval of these lessons/teachings.

“With a child’s heart
Go face the worries of the day
With a child’s heart
Turn each problem into play”
-With a child’s heart, Michael Jackson

Use creative solutions for problems as they arise as opposed to the draconian seriousness that limits expression. We can address real world issues and find solutions without the need for puritan struggle and effort and find this method resonates in a much more effective way. It’s often just a shift in consciousness and thinking to alleviate the overwhelm of a situation

“Happy happy joy joy
Happy happy joy joy”
-The Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Song, Ren and Stimpy

Be ok with the simplicity of things. Not everything has to be so complicated in order to ensure security or validation. Childhood resonates this energy of unentanglement, wonder and openness. We view our world from a sense of the complication we were taught, when love has the ability to shift and unify dramatically and instantly. Play with the solution as opposed to toiling for it.

Reading for week of 5 October to 11 October 2014

KEYWORDS: Sex, Rawness, Blossoming

 Queen of Cup The loversknight of cups

Queen of Cups, The Lovers, Knight of Cups

Themes for this upcoming week include balance of the masculine and feminine big time! So this reflects not just in terms of gender roles, it also means your “beingness” and your “doing ness” , your submission and your assertion, your comfortability in all aspects of the yin and yang both within and outside


So there will be a highlighting of this this week. Sex, love and politics. Being the best you can in all of your relations. Releasing the need to justify action. Releasing the need to justify beingness. These 2 sides can coexist in harmony as depicted in the lovers. It’s providing us the opportunity to feel our way through either role, submission or assertion, “time out” or a lot of “action”, leading or following, but it means a sense of safety in exploring the yin to the yang. If we resonate more to the yin then the week will provide opportunity to explore the yang deeper and in a non confrontational way.


It’s about moving beyond the challenge of representing and embodying masculinity or femininity. Whichever side of the spectrum may have perhaps intimidated us in the past is allowing a comfortable exploration of this dynamic and side of ourselves. It can be a peaceful process without a forced outcome. The water element denotes a deeper felt understanding of these polarities.


Themes around vulnerability with our sexuality , sexual identity, sexual partners, lovers, ways of communicating and expressing love are also on the cards for “airing” out and allowing us to feel comfortable with this nakedness / openness in interrelation. It is arising for us to love our bodies, our gender roles, our sexuality, and bring in greater intimacy and grounding of the sacral and the power of sexual energy. To know our greatness and power as female, to know our greatness and power as male. To love our vulnerability as female / as male. To embrace all the uncomfortable past limiting dynamics of the dance , and to just be raw, open, stripped back, naked, powerful, sincere, unashamed, fearless and empowered at the same time. And to love every minute of it! As all of it is the expression of the divine. Free, natural and open as we are in nature and within our nature. Beyond taboo and beyond suppression. Let your freak flag fly! Rock out with your cock out! Get out of your inhibition. Just drop it this week. And know that all parts of it are parts of you that exist as a perfect part of the whole. This is a priesthood/ priestess hood.


“Everyone get out your bodies
Everyone get out of your bodies”
– Shake, PM Dawn


There is almost a tantric element that is playing out this week and it serves us to connect into ourselves on a deeper and more intimate level. Without the fear, guilt, shame and inhibition we come into the beauty of our true nature. Feel it in the sacral, and voice it through the throat. Sound carries power and healing. As it does for one it can affect many. Share your rawness and vulnerability, and you’ll be surprised with the intimate and beautiful conversations it will allow with your brethren. Man we all going through the same stuff, I guarantee you. My hang ups are your hang ups, as are yours mine. We are all karmically playing out these polarity roles to allow the whole earth a deeper cleansing and healing. Remember guys, a lot of the shit we are carrying in our bodies and minds has been embedded in our human lineage for millennia. No secret too dark, no humiliation too shameful, no self loathing or guilt too far gone beyond redemption. Our true self is to embrace all of it. And love.