Month: January 2015

Return of the Ankh


Outer Hoop: 26″
Inner Hoop: 22″

Materials: Yarn, wool, cardboard,rondelle bead, heart shaped rose quartz


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Solar Burst DreamCatcher

Original thought is seminal in that in starts from a central point and bursts forth in all directions simultaneously creating a wave of dispersion that encounters other forms or creates them in the space that none exists. An idea is never sole or entirely in a vacuum as it coexists in its seeming independence with the totality of all reality.
Just as the light energy of the sun in one far off galaxy may not be perceived from our vantage point here on earth, the emanation of it is still occurring across time and space and we may not have arrived yet at a time where we can perceive its energy, yet if time is dissolved, which is the true state of our reality, then the energy output of this solar emanation has already reached us and impacted upon our reality and all versions of reality. One does not exist separate from the whole, and all are impacted in the structural make up of the all that is.
Outer hoop: 31 inches
Inner hoop 20 inches
Materials include, black and brown wooden beads, chrome separators, turquoise, wool, yarn and turkey feather.

Keywords: Inner knowing / awareness, self containment, forging your own identity, staying true to self

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Amethyst Multibeaded DreamCatcher



For this piece I didn’t have an overall concept, but chose instead to feel may way through it and throw various beads and elements together that wouldn’t necessarily be cohesive, yet in a round about way it gels. Like if you were to take an apartment and throw various styles of furniture together from different eras. You can sometimes create an eclectic mix that delivers something unexpected, but not something that can be preordained til you get in there and play with colour, shape and structure.


This piece is approx 24 inches in diameter with various rondelle, plastic, wooden and acrylic spacer beads. The three pendant cages contain Brazilian Amethyst. The hoops is spun with black wool, and yarns of various thickness


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Eclipse DreamCatcher with 3 tails


The lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly into the earth’s shadow and trails it way from partial covering of light to full cloaking in the earth’s shadow and back out the other side again. Often it will turn a red colour because the sun’s light will pass through the earth’s atmosphere to reach it.


Energetically the lunar eclipse is a time of intense emotion drawn to the surface and felt by many. As the masculine principle of the sun and the feminine principle of the moon are on opposing sides of where we stand, the earth, we feel the pull of these polarities more strongly than at other times and as a result any waves of conflict and polarity within us and our world become more recognised and pronounced.


The 3 tails here represent the trinity. 3 is a prime creative number and represents trinity, the produce of the duality of 2, and the results of this merging. As in mother and father producing child. The masculine principle of the sun and the feminine nurturing of the moon orbiting ourselves as children of the earth. It is the bursting forth of creative expression represented in the sacral and pronounced to the world through the throat.


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Medicine Wheel


The Medicine Wheel is traditionally of native people of the americas, representing the four cardinal points; north, south, east, west, the four elements; fire, air, earth, water, the four races; black, white, red and yellow, and in terms of healing the four bodies; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. The balance of these and seeing ourselves as keeping the balance of these planes in order to maintain vibrant health as creators of our reality and at the mid point, “the centre of the wheel”.
From a shamanistic perspective if one were to have too much water, emotional energy, one could drown themselves without grounding this energy in earth in a practical way. To move beyond this stagnation, they would then seek to draw upon their ideas and philosophy ‘air’ and use their ‘fire’ inspiration, creativity to bring their expression into the world and at the same time align their four planes of reality; their mental body, emotional body, spiritual body and physical body, creating a perfect and effortless balance and alignment within their lives.
The wheel is to empower and remind ourselves that we are the source of our power. It comes from us, and it attributes back to us in how we balance the different areas of our lives. The areas we avoid development of affect the whole and create a counter balance, just as a slipped disc or impacted vertebrae has the potential to throw out the entire spine and affect other parts of the body through neural connection. The wheel is essentially the interconnectedness of all life.
Inner hoop 17 inches
Mid hoop 25 inches
Outer hoop 31 inches
Brazilian Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Howlite, Caramel glass beads, feathers, yarn

Energies this piece works with: Transformation, Self Love, Self Appreciation, Renewal, Divine Feminine, Elegance


Swan – Grace, Self Esteem, Evolution
Coyote – Adaptability, Shape Shifting, Trust


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Eclipse DreamCatcher Pink Aragonite


Eclipses are significant events at a spiritual level. I began making these dream catchers after the April 2014 lunar eclipse, which was also the full moon in Libra.

The symbology of this dream catcher is to take time out to attune to the divine feminine and the moon goddess energy. It represents an uncovering of what has been hidden and a purging of old hidden energies. Forgiveness of self and healing of old hidden wounds in the heart as represented by the pink aragonite stone at the centre. It calls us to see ourselves and the world through eyes of compassion and reminds us to release judgements of others and especially of ourselves.

The brown and white outer weaving represents the celestial waves of energy that are coming to humanity at this time, and a balancing of the divine feminine / divine masculine. The wooden beading below grounds this energy into the earth.

The single blue / green feather represents speaking from our heart and connecting our voice to our higher vision of the brow chakra. The green colour also works in tandem with the healing of the heart centre ( pink / green ).


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Escapulario DreamCatcher


Formed as a medicine wheel / dreamcatcher, the diamond shape splits the wheel into the 4 traditional quadrants, but also holds additional axis with the red lines running through, denoting markers of latitude and longitude as is referencing a map.

This piece was made with my late grandfather’s magnifying glass as the centre point. My grandfather lived in a small town called Tela in Honduras. He owned land and had political influence in his town.

The escapulario hanging at the bottom is a religious devotional charm worn in Central and South America for protection and good luck.

Hoop Size: 25 Inches

Yarn, black feathers, green acrylic faceted rondelle beads, triangular wooden boods, hematite beads, glass, red wool, escapulario

Energies this piece holds:

Symbiosis: A mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.In this instance the relationship between generations ( ie, grandfather and grandson) as well as our relationship with our loved ones in spirit and the mutually beneficial connection we can still have with those in spirit. The passing down of knowledge and influence from generation to generation.

The merge and blending of old world (mayan, incan, aztec) and new world belief systems (catholicism) in central and south america.

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Duality Wheels DreamCatcher




Separation, division, us vs them, me vs you,
all forms under contrast
all misplaced emotion
all lack of understanding
all points of exclusion


divine masculine
divine feminine
integrate and have union with our true selves
on all levels and dimensions
integrate NOW


Top Hoop: 28 inches diameter
Bottom Hoop: 18.5 inches diameter
Both wheels are hand stitched
Yarn, wool, faceted acrylic beads and feathers
Proceeds from this piece will be donated to Honduras Croissance, an organisation which builds schools and water/sanitation plants in rural Honduras.
Please contact me direct for all enquiries


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Pink Eclipse DreamCatcher


Keywords: Change, Transformation, Lightness of being, Nurturing, Love, Innocence, Divine Feminine, Romance, Calmness, Motherhood
Pearl is a symbol of love and the process in which a pearl is created represents patience, sacrifice and achievement in human relationships. They also represent femininity and fertility. Their connection to the ocean brings soothing energy. The strong shell around them holds the protection of what is divine or sacred within us, so that it can form in its full beauty.
Yarn, Wool, Acrylic Beads, Wooden painted Beads, Faceted Beads, Rondelle Beads, Fresh Water Pearl, Lampwork Beads, Feathers, Seashell, Butterfly Charm
Outer hoop: 25 inches
Inner hoop: 21 inches
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Anubis DreamCatcher



God of the underworld, protector, guide


Hoop size 2 feet diameter

Yarn, Anubis beads, citrine



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